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Jakub Rene Kosik
Birth name Jakub Rene Kosik
Also known as Lincoln Six Echo, Miss Masturbator & Babe The Hummer, Jordan 2 Delta, Terror Smith, DBCN, JRK
Born (1983-03-27) March 27, 1983 (age 34)
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Genres Techno, Minimal, House, Deep house, Progressive
Occupation(s) Musician, DJ, live act, remixer, arranger, producer
Years active 1997 - present
Labels Traquency Records, Peppermint Jam, ProgCity, Plastic City, Travels, Citybeats Records, urbanTECH, urbanTEK, urbanELECTRO, urbanHOUSE, Sensual NYC, Nine Records US, Eletrodomesticos Brasil, Exquisite Music, Tronic Soundz, Sony Music, Turbulent Calm Records, Universal Music, Prologic Music, Magic Records, No Border Records, 001 records, Anal Records, NewLife Rec., Mizumo Music[citation needed]
Website http://www.jrk.pl/

Jakub Rene Kosik aka JRK (born 27 March 1983 in Gniezno) is a Polish musician, composer, arranger, music producer, DJ and live act. Also known as JaQb / IP, Kosik also worked as a producer in projects such as: Lincoln Six Echo, Terror Smith, Jordan 2 Delta, Miss Masturbator & Babe The Hummer and many others.

He first began composing songs at the age of eight, using an Amiga computer and applications like Noise Tracker. He did not like to use of ready-made samples so he started creating the samples with a home construction sampler connected to the computer. He continued to develop his skills until releasing his first music in 1994; the American company Almathera published the first CD-ROM intended for Polish users in the history of the Amiga, "CDPL",and added Jakub Rene Kosik's material, among many other things. Many of his samples were later used in the so-called music modules, including the CD-ROM "The Sound and Modules" (EXE, PL).[citation needed]

Three years later in 1997, Jakub was able to get into Wrocław's night party "Technodelic Vinyl Night", where he met the organizers: DJ Mniamos and Patrycja Hefczyńska (Husky, Őszibarack). The conversation led to cooperation so that two weeks later, Jakub performed his first public live act in the Wroclaw's Liverpool club. He became the youngest producer in the world of electronic dance music, playing live, without the use of a computer, record players or CD players. The original musical style—a combination of house, acid techno and minimal—carried a series of performances throughout Poland, both clubs, as well as at the open-air parties, on the occasion of the so-called teknivals. He was also a resident of the legendary Maska club in Wroclaw.

Barely a year after its first performance, Czech label CDC Records released the debut album "Meadow 303", on which there were eight tracks, all based largely on the sound of Roland's TB-303, in accordance with the title.[citation needed]

In 2000, Jakub Rene Kosik published his next album, Live Acid Sessions (LeKOS, PL). This time, all of the material was recorded both in studio and live at events in which he performed.[citation needed] With the development of his career on stage, he was also involved in the organization of musical events, including the "I Have My Own Space" charity series where he performed solo, and all income from tickets was given to Early Childhood House No. 1 in Wroclaw.[citation needed] He then established his own world record of creating 510 minutes (8.5 hours) of live music created, using electronic instruments such as samplers, sequencers, drum machines, synthesizers, etc. without using a computer, record players, CD players and without even one break.[citation needed]

During this time, he was independent. In 2003 he gained access to the prestigious "City Beats" booking agency, which was known mainly from the import and co-organize events with top artists from all over the world. At the same time he began to produce slower and softer tracks.[citation needed] With the City Beats, he began to work in the largest Polish clubs and events, such as the Water Festival (in 2004, 2005 and 2006, or Mixologia), established cooperation with many big names, and played alongside such artists as Cristian Varela, DJ Preach, Southsoniks, DJ Emerson, Holgi Star, Leandro Gamez, Oxia, Marco Remus, Oliver Ho, Jack de Marseille, Asem Shama, Alex Bau, Chris Liebing, Rafael Araujo, Takaaki Itoh, Alex Flatner, Pet Duo, Lawrie Immersion, Animatek, Chris Liberator, Henry Cullen aka DAVE the Drummer, Paula Temple, Julian Sandell aka Julian Liberator, Martyn Hare and Mark Hawkins.[citation needed]

In 2005, Jakub Rene Kosik was recognized as "the hope of 2006," according to the monthly Laif magazine.[citation needed]

Along with Grooveliker, in 2006 he opened the City Beats Records label and its four sub-labels: URBANtek, URBANhouse, URBANelectro and URBANtech.[citation needed] His songs (created both independently and with the participation of Grooveliker) gained attention and many tracks repeatedly were at the first place of the best-selling list of the most well-known store with electronic dance music at Juno Records UK.[citation needed]

In 2006, he also held a concert as a live act on the main stage of Creamfields festival and also on Mayday. The list of artists who have worked with them extended by such names as: Deep Dish, Paul Van Dyk, Bob Sinclar, Kosheen, Sven Vaeth, Umek, Valentino Kanzyani, Alter Ego, Anthony Rother, Johannes Heil, Westbam, The Earth, Blank & Jones, Moguai, Lady Waks, Hardy Hard, Talisman, Dominik Eulberg, Ian Pooley, Felix Krocher, Adam Sheridan, Audio Bullys, Mauro Picotto, Gabriel & Dresden, Marco V, Michael Burian, Gareth Wyn, Akila-X, San, Shapeshifters, Olav Basoski, DJ Clodagh, Jay Rogers, David Crystal, Haze, Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman, Fergie, Dave Clarke, Lucca, Scarlett Etienne, Frank Kvitta, Roni Size, Freestylers, Andy C, London Elektricity, High Contrast, Zync and Hyper.[citation needed]

Jakub's productions have been recognized by such stars as Terry Lee Brown Junior, The Timewriter (these two artists were interested themselves in its productions, which resulted in a permanent contract (Lincoln Six Echo) with the most prestigious tech-house label in the world, Plastic City), Milk & Sugar, Mousse T. (responsible for issuing the white limited vinyl with the track "Feel So Good" in its label Peppermint Jam/ProgCity), Eric Entrena, Loco Dice, Tomcraft, Dirty Bass, Dean Facer, Bioground, Joy Kitikonti, Electric Indigo, DJ Rollo, Corvin Dalek, Leandro Gamez, whether Eddie Amador—all those artists were willing to play the songs of Jakub and put them in their charts and playlists.[citation needed]

In mid-2006 JRK almost completely abandoned hard techno sound (except the vinyl single with the "Predator" track for Alexander Koning's Dutch-Belgian label "Travels") to the electro, minimal-electro, electro-house, deep-house, progressive and tech house.[citation needed]

At the end of 2006, Jakub Rene Kosik took over residency in the Wroclaw's club Lemoniada. His discography has started to grow rapidly, also with remixes, including Polish pop duo "Wet Fingers" with the song Hi Fi Superstar.

In 2007, Jakub Rene Kosik started cooperation (both at the level of production, as well as exclusive booking) with 001 label records, also opened his own label, Traquency Records. In the meantime, he issued a few singles, both for the German Plastic City, and the Brazilian Eletrodomesticos, Portuguese Exquisite Music or New York Sensual Records.[citation needed]

Holidays in 2007 again was full of party weekends, including appearances at the Delahoya Festival in the city of Cluj-Napoca in Romania, the festival of films and art IMPREZJE 2007.

Since December 2007 he has worked as an editor and permanent cooperator of the Polish DJ Magazine.[citation needed]

In mid-2008 he solve the cooperation with 001 records, also resigned from any action (DJ-ing, and management) to the club "Lemoniada".

Jakub is a DJ (also with the addition of effectors) and real live act (without computer unit/laptop). His studio equipment includes: Yamaha RM1x, Korg electribe EA-1, ER-1, ES-1, Korg electribe ESX Valve Force, Fostex DE-1, Behringer UB-1204-FX Pro, Behringer VMX-100, Numark DM 1002 MKII, Behringer DFX69 Tweakalizer and Behringer Truth 2031A.

In Poland, his songs can be heard on the radio Planet and the BIS, and abroad on Proton Radio, CRMK Radio, Global Beat, etc.

At the end of 2008, Jakub Rene Kosik was picked as one of the TOP 9 producers and DJ's by the readers choice of DJ Magazine; he was also recognized as "the head of the year" in the techno category for the year 2008 in Polish DJ Magazine Awards.[citation needed]



▪ 1998 - Meadow 303 (CDC Rec, Czech Republic)[citation needed]
▪ 2000 - Live Acid Sessions (LeKOS, Poland)[citation needed]

Tracks on compilations[edit]

▪ 2006 - "Feel So Good" Retro @ Digital - Various Artists - Peppermint Jam
▪ 2007 - Lincoln Six Echo - "Hot and Cold" @ Electronic Essence Vol.2 - Soundz Tronic (TS05-4)
▪ 2007 - Lincoln Six Echo - "Nevada" @ This Is techhouse 3 - Tronic Soundz (TS07-4)
▪ 2007 - Lincoln Six Echo - "Gillian Asks: Are You Sure?" (exclusive) - PLASTIC CITY PLAY (Plastic City)
▪ 2007 - Lincoln Echo Six - "Shauri" - Exquisite Deep Vol 2 (Exquisite Music)
▪ 2007 - Lincoln Six Echo - "All Memories Are Traces Of Tears" - Plastic City. Shape (Plastic City)
▪ 2007 - Lincoln Echo Six - "Aeon" - Flight No. PC42 To Plastic City (Plastic City) (play003-4)
▪ 2007 - Wet Fingers - "Hi Fi Superstar" (Grooveliker & Jakub Rene Kosik - minimal rmx) @ Wet Fingers CD - Various Artists - Topless Records (TRS-004)
▪ 2008 - Jakub Rene Kosik - "Catching The Last Sunrise" @ Music Plant - Various Artists - Laif 52-53
▪ 2008 - Jakub Rene Kosik - "Desires" (Mafia Mike's September Mood Remix) "@ Poland Calling mixed by Angelo Mike - Sony BMG
▪ 2008 - Jakub Rene Kosik - "Creamy Track" & "Desires" @ Various Artists - galvanized - album - Galvanic Records (galvanic001-4)
▪ 2009 - Jakub Rene Kosik & Mafia Mike - "Remorning" @ From The Beginning Till Now - Nine Records (NR060)
▪ 2009 - Jakub Rene Kosik & Mafia Mike - "Remorning" @ WF in the mix - Planeta FM - Universal Music/ Magic Records


▪ 2004 - Bag 01 12 "(Brain-a-Gain rec., Poland)
▪ 2006 - Simulation On The Ground EP (URBANtek)
▪ 2006 - All Things Going Bad (URBANtek)
▪ 2006 - She Knows How To Do It EP (URBANtek)
▪ 2006 - Bikini Burner (URBANtek)
▪ 2006 - MHATDT (URBANtek)
▪ 2006 - Then I Will not Know (URBANtek)
▪ 2006 - Wild Island (URBANtech)
▪ 2006 - Deep Into My Dreams Vol 1 (URBANtech)
▪ 2006 - Deep Into My Dreams Vol 2 (URBANtech)
▪ 2006 - Diadem Cluster EP (URBANtech)
▪ 2006 - FM Tuner In My Head (URBANhouse)
▪ 2006 - Sunny Waterfall (URBANhouse)
▪ 2006 - Hear and Walk (URBANelectro)
▪ 2006 - Advanced Variants (URBANelectro)
▪ 2006 - Eat My Dog (URBANtek)
▪ 2006 - Terror To Cats! EP (URBANelectro)
▪ 2006 - Everybody Wants To Be An Electro Lux Whore (URBANelectro)
▪ 2006 - as Miss Masturbator & Babe The Hummer - How Low Can A DJ Go? EP (URBANtek)
▪ 2006 - The Mob Policy EP (URBANelectro)
▪ 2006 - Dilgan iku EP (URBANtech)
▪ 2006 - Feel So Good (Peppermint / ProgCity records, Germany)
▪ 2007 - Paris Texas EP: Predator 12 "(Travels - Netherlands / Belgium)
▪ 2007 - as Lincoln Six Echo - The Park Plaza EP (Plastic City, Germany)
▪ 2007 - as Lincoln Six Echo - Music Makes Me High (remix) (Eletrodomesticos, Brazil)
▪ 2007 - as Terror Smith - 1312 EP (Citybeats Records)
▪ 2007 - as Lincoln Six Echo - Rheya EP (Plastic City, Germany)
▪ 2007 - as Jordan 2 Delta - Stomp (Sensual Records New York, USA)
▪ 2007 - Revelation EP of remixes Woody Mc Bride aka DJ ESP, aka Nyllon Rafael Araujo (Traquency Records)
▪ 2007 - Mafia Mike - Make Me - Jakub Rene Kosik (two remixes) (U.S. Nine Records)
▪ 2008 - Natalia Kukulska - Sexi Flexi "- Jakub Rene Kosik Peak Time Remix (001 Records / Universal Music UK)
▪ 2008 - Wet Fingers feat Natalia Kukulska - "Disco Lover" - Jakub Rene Kosik Remix (001 records)
▪ 2008 - Mafia Mike - Orange EP - "Orange Peak Jakub Rene Kosik Acid Swallow Remix (Nine Records U.S.)
▪ 2008 - Parasoul - "Revolution 303" - Lincoln Six Echo Remix (Look Ahead Records)
▪ 2008 - "Hemoglobine" incl. remixes by DJ Magazine Contest Winners - Jakub Rene Kosik (Traquency Records)
▪ 2008 - "Catching The Last Sunrise" incl "She Was There" - Jakub Rene Kosik (Traquency Records)
▪ 2008 - "This F ** king Anthem" incl. remix by Nique-Nine Records, Chicago U.S. - NR053
▪ 2008 - Mafia Mike - "Love Song" - Jakub Rene Kosik Acid Lick Remix - Nine Records, Chicago U.S. - NR054
▪ 2008 - "Glowstick Revenge EP" incl "Glowstick Revenge", "Formaline" and "No One"- Nine Records, Chicago, U.S. - NR055
▪ 2008 - "Spare Time Beats EP" incl "Juice Meister," "Nothing Special" and "Suffix" (Homage Records - HOM004)
▪ 2008 - "Juggling The Freqs" incl "Atom Juggle" & "Auto Shift" (Traquency Records - TRQR004)
▪ 2008 - "Desires" incl "Desires," "Desires - Mafia Mike Remix", "Z Rays", "Creamy Track" (GALVANIC Records Germany - galvanic009-8)
▪ 2009 - "Das Boot" - Traquency Records (TRQR005)
▪ 2009 - Morri - "Harmony" - Jakub Rene Kosik remix - Global Uniting
▪ 2009 - "Wicked Letters" incl. "Typing Wicked Letters", "Reading Wicked Letters" - Homage Records
▪ 2009 - "Garden Animals EP" incl. "Phonk", "Garden Animals", "Massive Distortion" - Traquency Records
▪ 2009 - "Calling Poland" incl. "Calling Poland", "Be It" (No Border Recordings Germany)
▪ 2009 - "Vaporization" incl. "Vaporization", "Six Delays" (Turbulent Calm Records)
▪ 2009 - "DRPS/ PTSA EP" incl. "DRPS", "PTSA" (Traquency Records - TRQR007)
▪ 2009 "Divisible - Love Is The Cost (Jakub Rene Kosik Open Air Tech Punch Remix)" (Traquency Records - TRQR008)
▪ 2009 "Arriving" (NewLife Records)
▪ 2009 "Andrey Sher - Planet Earth: The Remixes" incl. Jakub Rene Kosik remix (Mizumo USA)
▪ 2009 "Addiction" (Traquency Records - TRQR009)
▪ 2009 as JRK - "Anal Plug" incl. "Anal Plug", "F on M Rimming" (Anal Records - ANAL00A)
▪ 2009 "Nothing More EP" incl. "Nothing More", "Suomi" (Traquency Records - TRQR010)

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