Jakub Weinles

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Jakub Weinles
Jakub Weinles

NationalityFlag of Poland.svg Polish
EducationSchool of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Known forPainting
MovementRealism, Symbolism

Jakub Weinles (1870, Starokostiantyniv – 1938, Warsaw) was a Polish painter of Jewish ancestry, creating art around Jewish culture, and an active participant of the Jewish Society of the Nurture of Fine Arts (Yiddish: Jidiszer Gezelszaft cu Farszprajnt Kunst, Polish: Żydowskie Towarzystwo Krzewienia Sztuk Pięknych).[1]

Weinles studied at Wojciech Gerson's art class, and at the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the 1890s.[2] He completed art workshops with Szymon Hollosy in Munich. In 1898, he returned to Warsaw where he painted with other Jewish painters.[3] His wife was Łucja from the House of Kaufman, with whom he had two daughters: Franciszka Themerson, also a painter and Maria Chajnik. He is buried at the Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw; however, his headstone has not survived.[4][5]


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