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The Jalal Al-e Ahmad Literary Award is an Iranian literary award presented yearly since 2008. Every year, an award is given to the best Iranian authors on the birthday of the renowned Persian writer Jalal Al-e Ahmad. The top winner receives 110 Bahar Azadi gold coins (about $33,000), making it Iran's most lucrative literary award.[1] In some years there is no top winner, other notables receive up to 25 gold coins. Categories include "Novel", "Short story", "Literary criticism" and "History and documentations".[2] The award was confirmed by the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council in 2005,[2] the first award was presented in 2008.


2008[3] For works published in 2005-2006.

  • Top winner: (no winner)
  • Short story: "Killing Dragons", Yusef Alikhani
  • Novel: The Rule of the Game, Firuz Zanuzi Jalali
  • Literary criticism: The Mirror’s Rite, "Hossein-Ali Qobadi"
  • Documentation and historiography: The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) from Existence to Extinction, by the Political Studies and Research Institute.



  • Top winner: (no winner)






  • No works in the categories of short story, literary criticism, or documentation were "deemed worthy".
  • Novel: Fall Is the Last Season by Nasim Marashi and The Well-Behaved Girl by Shahriar Abbasi shared the Novel prize.


Each winner received 10 Bahar Azadi gold coins.


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