Jalal Khoury

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Jalal Khoury
Jalal Khoury, Theatre, Lebanon, 2010.jpg
Jalal Khoury in 2010.
Native name جلال خوري
Born 28 May 1933
Died 02 December 2017 (aged 84)
Residence Beirut
Nationality Lebanese
Occupation Playwright
Theatre Director
Artistic Editor
Years active 1956 - 2017
Notable work
  • Weismano, Ben Gori et Cie (1968)
  • Geha fil al-koura al-amamia (Geha in the Borderline Villages) (1971)
  • Al rafiq Segean, (Comrade Segean) (1974)
  • Geha fi Camp David (Geha at Camp David) (1980)
  • Kazzab!...Mouhawarat Chahine wa Tansa (The Prattling of Chahine and Tansa) (1982)
  • Fakhamet al Ra'iss (Mister President) (1988)
  • Ya tarif Ana Kif? (How Do You Find Me Zarif?) (1992)
  • Rizcalla ya Beyrouth… (Beirut, Nostalgia…) (1996)
  • Hindiyé, rahibat al-ouchk (Hindiyeh, Madwoman of God) (1999)
  • Al-Tariq ila Qana (The Road to Qana) (2006)
  • Rahlat mouhtar ila Sri Nagar (A Contrite in Srinagar) (2009)
  • Khedni bhelmak Mister Freud (Take It Easy Mister Freud) (2014)

Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres

Order of the Cedar and Order of Merit on the 4th of December 2017 by the president of the Republic of Lebanon

Jalal Khoury, (born in Beirut on 28 May 1933 – died on 3 December 2017), was a playwright, theatre director, comedian and artistic editor.[1][2][3]

First Lebanese playwright to be translated and performed internationally, his works are translated into German, English, Armenian, Iranian and French. His play "Al Rafiq Segean" ran for two consecutive seasons at the Volkstheater Rostock. Known for being the political theatre promoter in the 1960s Lebanon, Khoury is also an ethnoscenologist. He has participated in several colloquiums in Paris and Mexico about Ethnoscenology, a new discipline that he represents in Lebanon. Khoury is also the author of several papers on theatre and arts, in French and Arabic, published in Lebanon and abroad, as well as an amount of scenic adaptations and theory critical writings in French and Arabic, featured in several periodicals and catalogues.[4][5] Jalal Khoury passed away in his home on December 2, 2017 because of a sudden heart-attack.

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