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Jalala جلالہ
Village and union council
Country Pakistan
Region Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District Mardan District
Tehsil Takht Bhai
 • PTI President Sadiq Hussain
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Website http://geocities.ws/incrediblejalala

Jalala (جلالہ) is a village and union council in Mardan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.[1] It is located at 34°20'8N 71°54'10E and has an altitude of 339m (1115 feet).[2]

Jalala is situated about 20 km north from Mardan. The Malakand road leads through the village linking the Swat Valley to Mardan and Peshawar. At the time of British Empire, there was a long bazaar, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs shopkeepers were living side by side. There was a large Hindu community living peacefully in Jalala.

Before 1947, there were two chiefs of Jalala named Sharif Malik (of Khwaidad Khel Clan) and Akhi Malik (of Utmanzi clan). There goes a famous saying about the honesty and rightfulness of Sharif Malik "da Sharif Malik khabara, da kaanrhi karkha" which means Sharif Malik stands by his words no matter what. He was one of the very few Landlords who had the Landlord vote during British Rule. His property spread through the width and breadth of the present north-west frontier province. Khwaidad Khel and Utmanzi were and are still the dominant families of Jalala. Both are the subtribes of Yousafzai tribe. These families along with other 80 families migrated to Jalala from Ghwarha Marghay, Qandahar Afghanistan as early as1611 AD. Jalala village was under the control of Takht Bahi Police Station.

Jalala once faced shortage of drinking water the women brought the water in clay pots from the nearby river. One the particular section of the river was very busy and was popularly called “Da Jalala Gudar” which means a place by river side from where drinking water can be taken to home etc in Pushto language. The times for bringing water were early morning and before sunset.

For this reason Jalala gained popularity in Pashto poetry. The famous song about Jalala Gudar was played frequently from Peshawar Radio Station.”Da Jalala Oba Khwagey Dee” …Da kalee peghley” Tre Mangee Radakaveena, Da Jalala. Another song “Da Jalala Gudara wran shey … Pa jeenakoo De salandaay olagawana”. There is also a Pushto saying (Matal). ”Kor de da jlala jumat sha”. There was a time when most of the people of Jalala left for their agriculture land look after to Khan Qilla (خان قلعہ) and Maday Baba,then there was nobody to look after a small mosque. After a short time the mosque collapsed completely because of Monsoon rains. Jalala has three small rivers. Two of these have warm water and the third one has cold water .

Jalala is surrounded by many small villages, Parkho,Safiabad, Maskeenabad, Bare Shah, Ghano Shah, Khan Qilla (خان قلعہ), Pirsaddo, Maday Baba, Chiraghdeen Kalay, Parao and Kanda Ghaar.

Other small tribes of Jalala, apart from the two major khels of Khwaidad Khel and Utmanzi are Hasan khel, Kalalaan, Shalmani, Karan Khel, Gujran, Gadbaba, kulalan, Bajawri, Syedan, Mohmandan, Barangian, Deerojee, and a lot of people from Afghanistan.

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Coordinates: 34°20′8″N 71°54′10″E / 34.33556°N 71.90278°E / 34.33556; 71.90278