Jalaleddin Farsi

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Jaleleddin Farsi (جلال‌الدین فارسی in Persian), born as Hekmatollah Baaraan-Cheshmeh(حکمت الله باران چشمه in Persian), was the presidential candidate for the Islamic Republic Party in the first presidential election in Iran. He was chosen because Ayatollah Khomeini had personally forbidden the party from running Mohammad Beheshti, a cleric, for president. Farsi was later banned by the order of Ayatollah Khomeini, because his family had migrated from Herat Afghanistan, even though he was born in Meshahd.

He was charged with murder in 1992. The court convicted him of semi-voluntary manslaughter, ordered him to pay blood money. Upon appeal, he was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and was given the death sentence. After a second appeal which, rather than being viewed by the supreme court as required by law, was sent to a special appeals court, he was sentenced to involuntary manslaughter and, again, ordered to pay the blood money.


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