Jalalpur Pirwala

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جلالپُور پِيروالا
Jalalpur Pirwala
Nickname(s): JPPW
Coordinates: +) 29°30′11″N 71°13′00″E / 29.50306°N 71.21667°E / 29.50306; 71.21667Coordinates: +) 29°30′11″N 71°13′00″E / 29.50306°N 71.21667°E / 29.50306; 71.21667
Country Pakistan
District Multan District
Tehsil Jalalpur Pirwala Tehsil
Population (2000 census)
 • Total 300,000 +
Website www.jalalpurpirwala.com

Jalalpur Pirwala (Urdu: جلالپُور پِيروالا‎) is a city and the capital of Jalalpur Pirwala Tehsil, Multan District, Pakistan. This city is about 88 km away towards south from Multan city. Jalalpur Pirwala is a historical city. It had a population was about 300,000 in the 1998 census. The city has agricultural background, though it has some of the industrial resources as well. The main sources of income in the area is agriculture and trade. A smooth income in International trade is due to a large number of people working abroad. The economic remittances from overseas migrants living in countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, United States and United Kingdom is also considered a great support for their families living here. There are 15 union councils in Jalalpur Pirwala tehsil.

The Mausoleum of Hazrat Pir Qataal
Agriculture in Jalalpur Pirwala
Bypass of Jalalpur Pirwala


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