Jalan Ampas

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Jalan Ampas
Name transcription(s)
 • Malay Jalan Ampas
(Jawi)جالن امڤاس
 • Tamil ஜலன் அம்பாஸ்
Street sign of Jalan Ampas March 2017
Street sign of Jalan Ampas March 2017
Country  Singapore

Jalan Ampas is a street near Balestier Road in Singapore where the movie studios Malay Film Productions and Shaw Brothers are located.

Etymology and history[edit]

The name "Jalan Ampas" owes its heritage as a sugar cane plantation in the early days. In Malay, ampas tebu (post-1972 spelling: hampas tebu) refers to the fibrous pulp that remains after sugar cane has been crushed to extract its juice.[1]

Shaw Brothers' Malay Film Productions Ltd.[edit]

In 1947, under the banner of Malay Film Productions Ltd. the Shaw Brothers set up a film studio in the area, which was to become 'the golden age of Malay cinema'. During the 1950s and 60s, at the peak of its existence, the studio produced over 160 films at the span of two decades. Prominent figures such as John Wayne, Ava Gardner[2] and Former Malaysia Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman[3] visited the studio. During this time, the road itself is synonymous and associated with the studio till today.

The studio launched the careers of many Malay film stars, such as S. Shamsuddin, Aziz Sattar, Ahmad Nisfu and the multi-talented P. Ramlee, who remains an influential figure of the Malay entertainment industry till today. Films such as Seniman Bujang Lapok and Ibu Mertuaku became instant hits and cult classics. However, in 1967 due to the lack of demand of Malay films, the studio ceased productions and closed down.


Former Shaw Studios on 8 Jalan Ampas

Currently, as with all other roads in Balestier Road, private condominium apartments have sprung up at the Jalan Ampas area. However, tourists from as far as Malaysia continue to flock the former Shaw Movie Studio thanks to its enduring legacy.[4]


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