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Jalbum logo.png
Type of site
Photo gallery creation and sharing
Owner Jalbum AB
Revenue Donations / Advertising / Hosting subscriptions
Website Jalbum.net
Alexa rank Negative increase 32,033 (April 2014)[1]
Commercial Yes
Launched 2002
Current status Active

Jalbum consists of shareware cross-platform software for managing and creating digital photo galleries, and a paid-for photo sharing service on which to publish them. Jalbum software has been used to create over 32 million photo galleries, with over 700,000 users hosting theirs on Jalbum.net.[2]


Jalbum can be thought of as similar to Google's Picasa, or Apple's iPhoto,[3] and is credited as being extremely easy to use, flexible and versatile.[4][5] It relies on the Java virtual machine, so can be run on most operating systems, and is available in 32 languages.

The software allows users to manage their photo collection, sorting photos into albums, performing basic digital editing and commenting individual photos. The main focus is on producing HTML and Flash based galleries, for publishing online or distributing via other means. Users can customise the look and functionality of their photo galleries by using a small set of templates or skins that come with the program, or by choosing from over 100 skins available for free download.[6] The community, that has formed around Jalbum produces a variety of creative skins, offering galleries based on standard HTML designs, AJAX slideshows and popular Flash based image viewers.

Jalbum was created by Swedish programmer David Ekholm in 2002.


New license model from version 12:[7] jAlbum is now Shareware.

New license model from version 10:[8] jAlbum is now free for non commercial use only. For commercial use of the application you need to purchase a Pro license. The Pro license also lets you remove ads and white label your albums, and will give you access to priority e-mail support.

Hosting service[edit]

The website Jalbum.net is used as a social photo sharing website, as well as to promote and distribute the software. Users who register are offered a 30-day trial with 4 GB web space. They are offering a 4 GB "Premium" subscription and a 40 GB "Power" subscription for a yearly subscription fee.

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