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Jalinus Fahmi (Galen) (Persian: گلینوش‎) was an Armenian nobleman during the late Sassanian era.[1] He was the commander of the guard over Khosrau II, during the latter's imprisonment.[2] Jalinus was a Sasanian commander during the Arab Muslim invasion of Mesopotamia.[3]


Jalinus Fahmi was from the Sasanian province of Armenia. After his defeat at the battle of Kaskar,[4] Jalinus was sent by Yazdegerd III to crush the invading Arab forces along with 60,000 men and the commander-in-chief of all armies of the empire, Rostam Farrokhzād at the Battle of al-Qādisiyyah. Jalinus commanded the Right center of the army.[citation needed] After Rostam's death at the battle and the other commanders withdrawal, Jalinus took command of what was left of the Sasanian army.[5][page needed] He gained control of the bridgehead, and succeeded in getting the bulk of the Sasanian army across the bridge safely.[6][page needed]. He was killed at the battle of al-Qadisiyyah.[7]


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