Jalovec (mountain)

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Jalovec northside MC.jpg
The north face of Jalovec
Highest point
Elevation 2,645 m (8,678 ft)
Prominence 511 m (1,677 ft) [1]
Isolation 2.74 kilometres (1.70 mi)
Coordinates 46°25′N 13°41′E / 46.417°N 13.683°E / 46.417; 13.683Coordinates: 46°25′N 13°41′E / 46.417°N 13.683°E / 46.417; 13.683
Jalovec is located in Alps
Location in the Alps
Location Slovenia
Parent range Julian Alps
Mount Jalovec seen from Mount Sleme

Mount Jalovec (pronounced [ˈjaːlɔʋəts]) is a mountain in the Julian Alps. With an elevation of 2,645 m, it is the sixth-highest peak in Slovenia.[2] It stands between the Tamar, Koritnica, and Trenta Alpine valleys. Nearby peaks include Mangart to the west, Travnik and Mojstrovka to the east, and Ponce to the north. The Log Cliff (Slovene: Loška stena, Italian: Parete di Bretto[3]) stands immediately southwest of Mount Jalovec.


Mount Jalovec was attested in written sources as early as 1763–87 as Jellauz and Jelauz. The name is derived from the Slovene adjective jalov, meaning 'infertile', referring to the bare slopes of the mountain.[4]

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