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Jamésie and Eeyou Istchee equivalent territories combined

Jamésie was a territory equivalent to a regional county municipality (TE) of Quebec. Its geographical code is 991[citation needed].

Now with the TE of Eeyou Istchee form the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Territory ; and together with Kativik it forms the administrative région and census division (CD) of Nord-du-Québec

It was located to the east of James Bay, after which the region was named. It had a land area of 298,199.45 km² (115,135.45 sq mi, or larger than the U.S. state of Arizona) and a 2006 census population of 14,871 inhabitants. (The original 2006 census land area was reduced by about 1.74 percent and the population was reduced by 47.25 percent by the creation and departure of the Eeyou Istchee communities in 2007.) Chibougamau is the largest community in both Jamésie Territory and Nord-du-Québec.

Under the terms of the Agreement on Governance in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay Territory of July 24, 2012, the region ceased to exist and has be replaced by Cree - non-Native co-management.[1]

The TE of Jamésie consisted of:


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Coordinates: 52°00′N 74°45′W / 52.000°N 74.750°W / 52.000; -74.750