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Jam Hsiao
Jam at 2012 Macau concert.jpg
Jam Hsiao in 2012
Background information
Chinese name (traditional)
Chinese name (simplified)
Pinyin Xiāo Jìngténg (Mandarin)
Born (1987-03-30) 30 March 1987 (age 30)
Taipei, Taiwan
Occupation Singer, actor
Genre(s) Mandopop, Rock & Roll, Jazz, R&B
Instrument(s) Vocals, guitar, piano, keyboard, saxophone, flute, drums
Voice type(s) Baritone, Tenor
Label(s) Warner Music Taiwan (2008–present)
Years active 2007–present
Associated acts Lion

Jam Hsiao (traditional Chinese: 蕭敬騰; simplified Chinese: 萧敬腾; pinyin: Xiāo Jìngténg; Wade–Giles: Hsiao Ching-teng, born 30 March 1987) is a Taiwanese singer and actor. At the age of 17, while still in high school, he began working as a restaurant singer. In May 2007, Hsiao took part in the first season of China Television (CTV)'s star search show, One Million Star. He was a challenger on that show and instantly rose to fame with his wide vocal ranges and unique singing style. His diverse music genres and charisma quickly captured the attention of the Taiwanese media and music industry. He signed a contract with Warner Music Taiwan in 2008 and released his debut album, Jam Hsiao, in the same year.

In 2011, Hsiao played the lead role in the action film The Killer Who Never Kills and won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer for his performance. In 2013, his fourth album It's All About Love won him Best Male Vocalist at 24th Golden Melody Awards.

He released a cover album titled Reminiscence in December 2015. All 10 tracks were covers of popular classic oldies and the entire album recording only took 8 hours, all in only one take - with both Hsiao and his group of musicians recording the instrumental and singing parts simultaneously.

Early life and career[edit]

Born to a father of Chinese descent and native Amis aboriginal mother, Hsiao inherited the beautiful vocals of Taiwanese aborigines. His other family members include two elder brothers and an older sister. Both his parents are devoted Christians. Since childhood, he participated in his church activities including singing in the church's choir. He suffered from a reading disability and was once a rebellious teenager. He underwent youth counseling services to prevent him from involving in street fights. One counselor discovered his musical talents and advised him to focus on music instead. The counselor said to him "Why don't you divert the energy you used on fighting to music instead?" The piece of advice changed his life.

Hsiao's love for music started in sixth grade when he came across Bon Jovi's album Crush at home. He fell in love with the rhythm in the song "It's My Life". He started asking his mother to let him have drum lessons once he discovered that the rhythmic sound came from the drum set. When he was 15, his mother agreed to let him take jazz drumming lessons. Due to financial reasons, the lessons only lasted three months. But the 3-month introductory lessons were enough for him to begin study and practice on his own. He often practiced over 10 hours a day. One year later, he was good enough to be a voluntary drum instructor at a youth activity center. Because of the volunteer teaching work, he was a recipient of the Taipei Municipal Good Samaritan Award for two consecutive years.

At around the same time, Hsiao also formed a rock band named "Diapason" with his brother and their friends. In this band, he was the lead singer and drummer. They sang mostly Rock'n Roll songs by Bon Jovi, Mr. Big, and Skid Row.

After Hsiao had mastered the drum set, he began to learn keyboard on his own at a music store. Without formal training, he was able to sing while playing accompaniment by watching and listening to other musicians without reading the stave. Several months later, at the age of 17, he found a singing job in a restaurant named Libra and became the youngest singer in that restaurant. Due to job demands, he had to learn Mandarin pop songs and the different singing techniques while listening to different artistes. Music of Jeff Chang, A-Mei, Jacky Cheung, and Na Ying had significant influence on Hsiao in this period. Since Hsiao was also a high school student, he could only work as a singer after school. He often set his keyboard in the front of his motorcycle and carried the music books in his backpack. He rode his motorcycle between different restaurants, from one city to the next, to make his shifts that lasted into the early morning hours. The peak of his workload reached 50 hours a week. His colleague remembered Hsiao putting on a raincoat for the keyboard and one for himself then rode off into the heavy rain.

Singing career[edit]

2007: Rise to fame[edit]

In May 2007, Hsiao was accepted to the second season of a TV show, One Million Star 超级星光大道. This show was the Taiwanese equivalence of American Idol. The show's production unit recognized his talent and wanted him to appear as a challenger in the already unraveling first season. Hsiao was arranged to be in a Point Kick (PK) style singing match against the show's 10 best remaining contestants. He won the first two rounds. Although he lost in the third round, the show's rating shot up to a historical high. He became the third most searched celebrity in Yahoo! Taiwan, and his name the second hottest keyword for Taiwan Show Business in Google.

His brief appearance on the show captured the attention of the music industry at that time and the restaurant he was singing at was full house whenever there was his shift. Even though at this time he was not signed with any music record company, Hsiao received many invitation to go on variety shows.

Hsiao's powerful vocal and sudden popularity got A-Mei 張惠妹's attention. A-mei is known as Taiwan's Queen of Pop and she invited Hsiao to sing with her in the duet "Moment of the First Sight" (一眼瞬間) in her 2007 music album Star. It became the instant No. 1 hit. In December 2007, Hsiao performed a medley of four nominated original themes in the Golden Horse Award, the most significant event for film industry in Taiwan. At this time, Hsiao was still an ordinary 20-year-old student and freelance musician. Needless to say, many record companies fought to recruit this young and fresh talent.

2008: Self-titled album[edit]

Jam Hsiao at Taipei New Year's Eve Party 2011

In March 2008, Warner Music Taiwan and Hsiao entered a four-year contract. His first album, the self-titled Jam Hsiao 同名专辑, debuted in June 2008. It was the No.1 hit on the billboard for 7 weeks. In July 2008, Hsiao's New-song Premiere Concert at Taipei Danshui Fisherman's Wharf Attracted over ten thousand fans. This album was also the No.1 hit in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. In June 2009, He was nominated as the Best New Singer in the 20th Golden Music Awards in Taiwan. Although he did not win the title, his extraordinary performance had won him a solid position in Taiwan music industry.

During this period, Jam Hsiao also tried acting. He had a cameo in the popular Taiwanese drama "Fated To Love You/ 命中注定我爱你" and received many positive reviews. Jam Hsiao visited Italy in December 2008. Inspired by this visit, he published a book, "Listening to Italy" and wrote a song "To My Beloved". This song was released as an EP with video to raise funds for the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation.

2009: Princess, Love Moments[edit]

Following the success of his first album, Hsiao's second album Princess was released in July 2009 with even greater success. The title rock song "Princess" was a No.1 hit for three months. This 12-song album included four songs written by Hsiao and had the chance to become the song producer for these tracks. These four songs showcased his creativity, and each one of them had its own distinguished style. He then announced his first large-scale live concert, "Mr. Rock Concert", in Taipei Arena scheduled in December 2009.

As part of his pre-concert initiative, Hsiao released in November 2009 his third album, Love Moments. This album included 10 covers of songs originally sung by top female singers. Hsiao recorded them in a live-band style. Among them, "Silent Flower" was in Taiwanese dialect, and the album's first hit song "New Endless Love" was the song he sang and got defeated on TV show, One Million Star in 2007.

Hsiao's two albums in 2009 gave him five more No.1 hits. He had six songs in top 100 on KKBOX Digital Music Billboard, and five songs in top 100 Golden Songs of 2009 on Hit FM Radio. He won the Best Male Singer Award in the 15th Singapore Golden Music Awards. In 2010, he was nominated as Best Male Singer in the Taiwan Golden Melody Music Awards.

2009-2011: "Mr. Rock Concert Tour", Jam Wild Dreams[edit]

Jam Hsiao's Mr. Rock Concert at Taipei Arena in December 2009, was a huge success. It was sold out within minutes. The stage set was designed to mimic a chess game. In lavish costumes, he performed songs in Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, English and Korean. He also incorporated his drumming and keyboard skills on stage. Without dancers or guest singers, Hsiao single-handedly completed his first large-scale concert and earned enthusiastic praise. He toured four more cities— Singapore, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, and Shanghai - till February 2011. He tailored each concert to the local market demands and incorporated different local elements in each of the different concert locations which was highly appreciated by fans.

Jam Hsiao released his fourth record album Jam Wild Dreams in June 2011. He was involved in selecting, composing, recording, mixing and background harmony production. He had been the individual song producer since his 2009 "Princess" album but this time round, he got to take on the role of album producer, a first for Hsiao. He was quoted saying that this album represented his music ideologies and beliefs and that this album is the most live studio recorded album as he strive to preserve the energy and appeal of an actual live performance. This album received very good reviews and was the rank number one album on Taiwan's KKBOX Music Rank. This album also won him the Best Male Singer in Singapore 17th Golden Melody Awards.

In the beginning of 2011, Hsiao was voted as one of the most desirable singers by the audience in China, and was invited to perform in a trio with Li Jian and Khalil Fong on CCTV New Year's Gala. This is a five-hour variety show on Chinese New Year's Eve and it has become an ingrained tradition in most Chinese families. Therefore, it is a great honor to appear on this show. However, Hsiao fell ill with influenza and laryngitis just days before the event. He managed to run through the rehearsals but his condition worsened. On the night of the show, he could hardly speak. As a performer, Hsiao knew that he had to fulfill his commitment. As one of the trio members, he also realized that this could be once-in-a-life-time opportunity for his two partners. Therefore, he did not cancel the appearance and refused to do a lip-sync. His only explanation after the show was "I did my best". Although his performance was a disappointment, his attitude, courage and professionalism earned the respect of the production unit, the fellow musicians and the hearts of the audience. After the New year, his saga became a hot topic of discussion, and his popularity soared in China. This episode led to a new phrase called "There's a spirit called Jam Hsiao", which goes to show the vast recognition he had received from the public.

2011-2012: "Jam Hsiao World Concert Tour", Mr. Jazz: A Song For You, It's All About Love[edit]

Jam Hsiao's second production of concert tour started from Hong Kong in August 2011. It was going to have only one concert in Hong Kong. However, this show was sold out in a matter of minutes. Many fans failed to get tickets and were very disappointed. Then a second show was added and it was also sold out in 6 minutes.

The tour went to Shanghai in December 2011, Singapore in January 2012, and then headed for Taipei Arena in February 2012. In Taipei, the same scenario played out. The second show was added and sold out after the first show was sold out in one afternoon.

He received many more invitations to bring this concert tour to different cities including many cities in China, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

In 2012, Hsiao released his first full English album, consisting of eleven covers of known classics—such as "How Deep Is Your Love" by the Bee Gees and "L-O-V-E" by Nat King Cole—recorded from his Mr. Jazz Private Party Live. With the album, Hsiao showcased a 180-degree change in style and performance manner—from the powerful Mr. Rock to the soothing Mr. Jazz.

In an era where mainstream music dominates the charts, Hsiao aims to introduce less popular music towards the Asian market. Announcing on several radio shows that he wishes more and more people to be exposed to music that they don't usually approach.

In November 2012, Hsiao released another Chinese album, It's All About Love. This time, in addition to album producing, songwriting, singing, background vocal arrangement/singing, he also directed an MV for the song "Marry Me". He also recorded for the first time, a disco dance rap song, "Hey, Brother", and performed dance movement in the music video.

In July 2013, he won for Best Male Singer in the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards.

2013-2014, Appearance on Duets, The Song[edit]

In 2013, Hsiao assumed the role of a mentor in Beijing Television, BTV's singing competition reality show Duets alongside another three mentors. One of his students, Xiao Yi Hang won first place after three months of competition and was subsequently signed with his record label company, Warner Music Ltd. He reprised his role as a mentor on the Season 2 of Duets.

In June 2014, Hsiao released his sixth album, The Song. He composed six out of ten songs in this album and was also the album producer. He specially engaged a dance instructor from Korea to choreograph his dance for the song "Kiss Me" and was reported to have learned it via a video recording in just two days. The song "Kelly" was chosen as the end track for the Korean drama "You Who Came From The Stars" which was aired in Taiwan in May. "The Song" was also selected to be the closing song for thirteen Shin Kong Mitsukoshi malls in Taiwan, which will be played just before the malls close starting on 1 July. In conjunction with the 2014 Brazil World Cup, Jam Hsiao became the World Cup Ambassador for Taiwan and his song "Let Go" was also featured as the closing song during the World Cup telecast in Taiwan.

2016-present: Sound of My Dream, formation of Lion[edit]

In September 2016, Hsiao formed the band Lion, together with Lee Q Wu, Tsou Chiang and Liu Chao-chu. They released their self-titled album on September 16. In the same year, he appeared as one of the mentors of Zhejiang Television's Sound of My Dream, together with Yu Quan, Hebe Tien, JJ Lin and A-mei.

In 2017, Hsiao, together with his band Lion, participated in Singer 2017.

Acting career[edit]

In 2010, Jam Hsiao joined the cast of a movie, The Killer Who Never Kills, based on a series of novels by popular Taiwanese novelist Giddens Ko. In the film, he plays the leading role, the titular Killer Who Never Kills, Ouyang Bonsai, and wrote the film's theme song. Released in 2011, the movie was a box office success, and he won the Best New Actor Award in the 31st Hong Kong Golden Film Awards in 2012.

Hsiao played the lead role of as the "Master of all Geeks" in his second film, romantic-comedy movie My Geeky Nerdy Buddies, directed by Kevin Chu alongside China artistes Jiang Shuying and Xie Na. It was released in July 10, 2014 in Mainland China and Taiwan.

Style and characteristics[edit]

Musical style[edit]

Hsiao's solid and manly vocal carries an explosive force, yet it is also sensational and often touches the deepest part of the hearts of his audience,[1] especially through his live performance. His deep, clear and penetrating voice stands him out from most Chinese singers. According to recent surveys,[2] Hsiao is considered the best singer of the 21st century. Hsiao is a soul of rock; nevertheless, his performance for songs of other genres is just as impressive — including love song, pop, jazz, R&B, oldies, and even Taiwanese country, to name a few. One of the judges in One Million Star, Kay Huang 黃韻玲, once said when she heard Hsiao's voice for the first time, "I was so carried away… I felt intoxicated…it's sentimental". "This voice makes me want to marry him". Another great singer and musician, Sky Wu 伍思凱, commented, "Jam Hsiao's lower range voice is magnetic, his middle range has reached level of saturation, and his high voice is explosive." Although Hsiao is well known for his vocal ability, his music talents go way beyond voice. Besides the drum set, he learned keyboard, piano, saxophone, flute and guitar mostly on his own, with occasional tips from other musicians. He has also composed and released many songs. "Calla Lily Love" in his first album, was composed by Hsiao at 17, with lyrics by his brother.


The following table summarizes his songwriting work.

Year Album/EP Song Music Lyrics Notes
2008 Jam Hsiao "Exist for Entire Life" Yes No
"Calla Lily Love" Yes No
2009 Princess "Lonesome or You" Yes Yes
"To My Beloved" Yes No
"Young Men or Big Boy" Yes Yes
"Green Door" Yes Yes
2011 Jam Wild Dreams "You" No Yes
"I Really Want to Tell You" Yes Yes
"Tale of the White Snake" Yes Yes
"Jasmine Love" Yes Yes
"Love at the First Sight" Yes Yes
2012 It's All About Love "Promise You" Yes Yes Theme song of stage play The Demi-gods and Semi-devils
"The Sixth Sense" Yes Yes Theme song of film Shadows of Love
"Holmes" Yes No
"PaPa" Yes Yes
"Marry Me" No Yes
"Story" Yes Yes
2014 The Song "Kiss Me" Yes Yes
"I Just Love You" Yes Yes
"I'm Flying" Yes Yes
"Play With Me" Yes Yes
"Kelly" Yes Yes
"The Song" Yes No
"The Ultimate Enemy" Yes No Theme Song of Black & White: The Dawn of Justice


Studio albums[edit]

Title Album details Track listing
Jam Hsiao
Love Moments
愛的時刻 自選輯
Jam Wild Dreams
Mr.Jazz - A Song for You
It's All About Love
The Song

Singles and EPs[edit]

Year Song / EP Notes
2007 Moment of the First Sight Duet with A-Mei, also in A-Mei's album "STAR"
2007 How We Roll The theme song of "Alvin and the Chipmunks" Chinese version
2008 Lonesome or You Gift by HTC cell phone, also in album "Princess"
2008 To My Beloved Fund-raiser for Genesis Social Welfare Foundation released as EP/AVCD, also in album "Princess"
2009 Wish You Happiness Commercial single for Farglory Realty, also in Chinese edition of album "Love Moment"
2009 Where Peace Begins Theme song of World Peace Conference, Chinese version
2012 Sad Love Included in the digital EP of stage play "The Demi-gods and Semi-devil"
2012 Promise You Included in the digital EP of stage play "The Demi-gods and Semi-devil"
2012 Sixth Sense Theme song of movie "Shadows of Love"
2014 Iceman Theme song of movie "Iceman 3D"


Year Name Label Comment
2010 Mr. Rock Concert - Live Warner Music Taiwan Concert at Taipei Arena, December 2009
2012 Jam's World Concert Tour - Live Warner Music Taiwan Concert at Hong Kong Coliseum, August 2011
2013 Jam's World Concert Tour - Live Warner Music Taiwan Concert at Taipei Arena, Feb. 2012

Published works[edit]

Year Name Publisher ISBN
2007 Jam Hsiao's Rite of Passage Paperback Publisher ISBN 978-957-803-669-7
2008 Listening to Italy - Jam Hsiao Kate Publisher ISBN 978-986-6606-27-4
2009 Listening to Italy - Jam Hsiao(Limited Edition) Kate Publisher ISBN 978-986-6606-26-7
2010 Mr. Rock - Jam Hsiao Concert Book MPX ISBN 978-986-86054-0-4
2011 Love Guam - Jam Dream Make ISBN 978-986-85934-4-2
2011 Love Guam - Jam (simplified Chinese) Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House ISBN 978-7-5404-5040-3
2013 These Are the Days - Jam Hsiao Kate Publisher ISBN 978-9-7884-5013-9



Year English title Mandarin title Role Notes
2011 The Killer Who Never Kills 殺手‧歐陽盆栽 Ouyang Bonsai
2013 Escape from Planet Earth N/A Scorch Supernova Taiwanese release, voice
2014 My Geeky Nerdy Buddies 大宅們 A-chai
2015 Crazy New Year's Eve 一路驚喜 Hsiao Ching-ming

Television series[edit]

Year English title Mandarin title Role Notes
2008 Fated to Love You 命中注定我愛你 A veterinarian Cameo, episode 18
2009 Momo Love 桃花小妹 A movie star Cameo, episode 8
2017 Midnight Food Store 深夜食堂 Leon Cameo

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref
2009 20th Golden Melody Awards Best New Artist Jam Hsiao Nominated [3]
HITO Radio Music Awards
Top 10 Songs of the Year "收藏" (Collection) from Jam Hsiao Won [4]
Best New Artist Jam Hsiao Won
2010 Metro Radio Mandarin Music Awards Songs of the Year "Say a lil Something" Won [5]
Songs of the Year "新不了情" ("New Endless Love") Won
Male Singer N/A Won
Asia Popular Idol (亞洲人氣偶像) N/A Won
21st Golden Melody Awards Best Male Vocalist – Mandarin Princess Nominated
2012 23rd Golden Melody Awards Best Male Vocalist – Mandarin Jam Wild Dreams Nominated
31st Hong Kong Film Awards Best New Performer The Killer Who Never Kills Won
11th CCTV-MTV Awards Best Male Singer (HK, Macau, Taiwan regions) N/A Won
2013 24th Golden Melody Awards Best Male Vocalist – Mandarin It's All About Love Won
  • Taipei Municipal Good Samaritan Award (台北市政府 善心人士獎) in 2003 and 2004
  • First Place, The First Annual Singing Contest of Libra Restaurant (第一屆天秤座民歌大賽 冠軍), September 2006
  • 3rd Most Searched Person of the Year, Yahoo! Taiwan 雅虎奇摩, 2007
  • Top-10 Hit, 2007 KKBOX Digital Music Chart (2007KKBOX數位音樂風雲榜 年度風雲十大歌曲) for "Moment of the First Sight" (一眼瞬間), January 2008
  • First Place, 2007 MTV Channel's One-Hundred Golden Hits (2007年MTV台百大發燒金曲 冠軍) for "Moment of the First Sight" (一眼瞬間), February 2008
  • Popular Singer, three categories, 2008 Hong Kong Metro Radio Hit Awards (香港新城國語力頒獎禮2008), July 2008
  • Outstanding New Artist, Singapore Hit Awards 2008 (第十四屆新加坡金曲獎 優秀新人獎), October 2008
  • Top-20 Hit, 2008 Global Mandopop Music Chart (第八屆全球華語歌曲排行榜 年度二十大金曲) for "Collection" (收藏), October 2008
  • Hong Kong-Taiwan Region Best New Artist, 2008 East-South Explosive Power Music Chart (第六届東南勁爆音樂榜 勁爆港台地區最佳新人), November 2008
  • Top-10 Hit, 2008 East-South Explosive Power Music Chart (第六届東南勁爆音樂榜 十大金曲), for "The Prince's New Clothes" (王子的新衣), November 2008
  • Hong Kong-Taiwan Region Most Potential Male Vocal of the Year, 2008 CCTV-MTV Music Awards (第九屆 CCTV-MTV 音樂盛典 港台地區年度最具潛力男歌手), November 2008
  • Top-10 International Original Songs, Malaysia PWH Music Award (馬來西亞娛協獎 Yu Xie Jiang 國際組十大原創歌曲獎) for "Moment of the First Sight" (一眼瞬間), November 2008
  • Best Overseas Singer, Malaysia PWH Music Award (馬來西亞娛協獎 Yu Xie Jiang 最佳海外演繹歌手獎) for "Moment of the First Sight" (一眼瞬間), November 2008
  • 5th Place on Google Taiwan's most searched people of the year, 8th Place on Google Hong Kong's most searched people of the year (the only Taiwanese amongst the top 10 places), December 2008
  • Artiste of The Year with The Most Potential, Most Fashionable Male Artiste of The Year, 2008 QQ Star Awards (騰訊網2008星光大典 年度歌壇潛力歌手, 年度風尚男歌手), December 2008
  • Hong Kong-Taiwan Region Best New Artiste, Best Performing Artiste, 2008 Music Pioneer Chart (音樂先鋒榜2008年度頒獎典禮 港台先鋒新人, 先鋒演繹歌手), December 2008
  • New Male Artiste With The Most Potential, China Wireless Music Awards 2008 (2008中國移動無線音樂盛典 無線音樂最具潛力男新人), December 2008
  • Favourite New Artiste of 2008, Zhong Ge Chart 2008 Annual Beijing Music Awards Ceremony, (中歌榜2008年度北京流行音樂典禮 - 年度港台最受歡迎新人), January 2009
  • Most Outstanding New Artiste with the Most Potential, 31st Hong Kong TV-10 Golden Chinese Songs- Music and Awards Ceremony, (第三十一届香港電台十大中文金曲頒獎音樂會 - 最有前途新人獎優異獎), January 2009
  • 3rd Place, 2008 KKBOX Digital Music Album Chart for "Jam Hsiao Same-Name Album", February 2009
  • Top-20 Hit, 2008 KKBOX Digital Music Single Chart for "Forgive Me" (原諒我) and "The Prince's New Clothes" (王子的新衣), February 2009
  • Most Popular Male Artist, Best Male Vocalist, Singapore Hit Awards 2009 (第十五屆新加坡金曲獎 最受歡迎男歌手獎, 最佳演繹男歌手獎), November 2009
  • Best New Actor, "31st Golden Film Awards" in Hong Kong (第三十一屆 香港金像獎 最佳新人獎),April 2012
  • Best Male Singer, "11th CCTV-MTV Awards" in China for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan Regins(第十一屆 央視CCTV-MTV 港澳台地區 最佳男歌手獎), August 2012
  • Best Music Video, "11th CCTV-MTV Awards" in China for Wild Dream(第十一屆 央視CCTV-MTV 最佳音樂电視獎), August 2012
  • Best Male Singer, "24th Golden Melody Awards" in Taiwan for Album It's All About Love (第二十四届金曲奖 最佳男演唱人奖)6 July 2013
  • 2015 Ten Outstanding Young Persons(十大傑出青年), TAIWAN


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