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Jam Loey Rak (Thai: จำเลยรัก; rtgsChamloei Rak) is a 1960 novel by Chuwong Chayachinda which has been adapted for two movies and five television series.


The story of Soorya whose life changed when she was kidanpped by Harit Rangsiman, a landowner who mistakes her for her cousin who caused his brother's death. Humiliated and forced to work, Soorya strikes up a friendship with a deaf and dumb man who was also a victim of Harit's crulety. Harit realisesd his mistake and releases Soorya, but only to allow him to spy on her cousin, which leads to her downfall.

Film, TV or theatrical adaptations[edit]

Jam Loey Rak which has been adapted for two movies and five television series.

  • 1963 Film - Starring Mitr Chaibancha as Harit and Pisamai Wilaisak as Soorya
  • 1974 TV series - Starring Sa-ard Piampongsarn as Harit
  • 1978 Film - Starring Piroj Sangwoributh as Harit and Nawarath Yuktanan as Soorya
  • 1980 TV series - Starring Witoon Karuna as Harit and Panadda Komaratat as Soorya
  • 1988 TV series - Starring Likhit Akemongkol as Harit and Sawitree Sameepuk Soorya
  • 1997-98 TV series - Starring John Rattanaveroj as Harit and Kulsatree Siripongpreeda as Soorya
  • 2008 TV series - Starring Atichart Chumnanont as Harit and Taksaorn Paksukjarern as Soorya

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