Jamacha, San Diego

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Jamacha (pronounced: /ˈhæməʃɔː/ HAM-ə-shaw) is a neighborhood in the southeastern area of San Diego, California. It is generally bounded by the city of Lemon Grove to the east, the Jamacha open space network to the north, and Imperial Avenue to the south and west. Jamacha borders the Skyline neighborhood to the west and south. Major thoroughfares include Lisbon Street, Jamacha Road, and Woodrow Avenue.

Jamacha is named for the Jamacha Valley and Rancho Jamacha, a Mexican land grant estate. The name was variously spelled Xamacha, Jamacha', 'Jamacho, and Gamacha until Jamacha was fixed as the official spelling in the early 20th century. The word is likely derived from a Spanish adaptation of the Kumeyaay Indian word Xamca, meaning "wild gourd."[1]

Jamacha is a largely residential neighborhood, with mostly single-family houses mixing with some multi-family development. There is also some small-scale commercial development in the neighborhood.[2]


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