Jamaica 1 shilling inverted-frame stamp error

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Jamaica 1sh inverted-frame
Jamaica 1922 inverted-frame error corner pair.jpg
A corner pair of the stamp.
Country of production UK
Location of production London
Date of production 1920
Nature of rarity inverted frame
No. in existence 19 [1]
Face value 1 shilling
Estimated value £30,000 [1]

The Jamaica 1sh inverted-frame error was discovered in March 1922 at the post office in Manchioneal, a village in the parish of Portland. It is definite that an entire sheet of 60 stamps on multiple CA paper existed but only half of this sheet was sent to Manchioneal. The majority of these were possibly used for fiscal purposes because Manchioneal was a banana trading centre and buyers may have used the telegraph office to confirm purchases.[1] The other half of the sheet was possibly sold over the counter in Jamaica's capital, Kingston, because a copy with a Kingston cancellation exists.[2]

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