Jamaica 1968 human rights stamps

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Jamaica 1968 human rights stamps
Jamaica human rights stamps.jpg
Country of production United Kingdom
Location of production London
Date of production 1968 (1968)
Nature of rarity unissued
Face value 3 pence, 1 shilling, 3 shilling
Estimated value £140

The Jamaica 1968 human rights stamps were a set of three postage stamps produced to mark the 1968 Human Rights year. The Jamaican postal administration approved the designs by Jennifer Toombs. Upon receipt there were objections to the look of the graphics of the hands in black and white. A new design, using brown hands, was printed locally following weeks of debate. Examples of the unissued stamps are known to exist because they had been distributed to philatelic journalists by the Crown Agents and these were not recalled.[1][2]

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