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The Jamaica Times was a literary newspaper for literature from Jamaica and the Caribbean. The author Thomas MacDermot (aka Tom Redcam) was the editor from 1900 to 1920 and was an assistant before that, and the author Herbert George de Lisser was an editor for several years starting in 1889. It was a weekly paper primarily for teachers and ministers but also for a wide spectrum of the middle classes.


Director and Secretary[edit]

Parks, Basil Oscar. Born Kingston 7/13/1882. Eldest son of the late Thomas Parks of Oxford, England. Director and Secretary of the Jamaica Times, Ltd. Add: 6 King St., Kingston. ref: Mormon Genealogy Records; succeeded by Lucille d'Oyen Iremonger (née Parks) (June 1915 - January 1989) was a non-fiction author and politician. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, her father was the editor of the Jamaica Times. Ref London Wiki - Basil's life is mentioned in her book "Yes My Darling Daughter".

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