Order of Merit (Jamaica)

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Order of Merit
Awarded forEminent international distinction in the field of science, the arts, literature or any other endeavour
Presented by Jamaica
EligibilityCitizens of Jamaica and foreigners
Motto"He that does truth comes into the light"
StatusCurrently awarded
Ribbon of the order
Next (higher)Order of Excellence
Next (lower)Order of Jamaica

The Order of Merit is part of the Jamaican honours system, and it is the fourth-highest honour awarded by the nation of Jamaica. The Order of Merit is conferred upon Jamaicans or distinguished citizens of other countries who have achieved international distinction in the field of science, the arts, literature or any other endeavour.[1] The award can be held by no more than 15 living persons.[2] It is not given to more than two people in any one year.[1]

Members and Honorary Members of the order are entitled to wear the insignia of the order as a decoration and to be styled "The Honourable". In addition, they can append the post-nominal letters OM to their names, or OM (Hon.) in the case of Honorary Members. The order's motto is "He that does the truth comes into the light."

The Order of Merit was originally one that was awarded to foreign heads of state, but this function was taken over by the Order of Excellence in 2003.[3]






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