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The Jamaican football league system is the national football competition system in Jamaican. It is organized by the Jamaica Football Federation.

The Jamaican National Premier League is the highest level in Jamaican football.

Below this, the clubs are separated on geographical grounds. Dependent on which parish a club is located in, it is a member of a specific confederation.

Each of these four confederations operates their own Super League and they represent the second level of Jamaican football.

The names of these four Super Leagues are:

The winners of these leagues play off against each other, home and away, with the top two teams replacing the bottom two teams relegated from the Premier League.

Teams relegated from the Premier League enter the Super League of the Confederation they belong to.

The third level of Jamaican football is organised by the parish football associations.

In the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew, KSAFA has a third level league called the KSAFA Major League.

For the remaining 12 parishes, the third level of football is represented by a major league competition in each parish organised by the parish FA to give 13 third level leagues.

The champions of each parish are promoted to play in the super league of the confederation by right or by way off winning a play off against another parish champion(s) in the same confederation.

At the fourth level of Jamaican football, KSAFA is represented by the KSAFA Syd Bartlett League. The other parishes have a Division One league to give 13 fourth Level leagues.

Some parishes operate leagues at the fifth level.

Promotion and relegation rules between leagues can vary due to the geographic nature of the league system.




Jamaican National Premier League
(National Premier League)
12 clubs


KSAFA Super League
(JN/KSAFA Super League)
12 clubs

South Central Confederation Super League
(Super Plus South Central Confederation Super League)
12 clubs

Eastern Confederation Super League
(Coronation Bakery Eastern Confederation Super League)
9 clubs

Western Confederation Super League
(Captain's Bakery Western Confederation Super League)
13 clubs


KSAFA Major League
(JN/KSAFA Major League)
12 clubs

Clarendon Major League
10 clubs

Manchester Major League
7 clubs

St. Catherine Major League
12 clubs

St. Elizabeth Major League
12 clubs

Portland Major League
7 clubs

St. Ann Major League
11 clubs

St. Mary Major League
8 clubs

St. Thomas Major League
10 clubs

Hanover Major League
10 clubs

St. James Senior League
12 clubs

Trelawny Major League
12 clubs

Westmoreland Major League
12 clubs


KSAFA Syd Bartlett League
(JN/KSAFA Syd Bartlett League)
11 clubs

Clarendon Division 1

Manchester Division 1

St. Catherine Division 1
12 clubs

St. Elizabeth Division 1

Portland Division 1

St. Ann Division 1

St. Mary Division 1

St. Thomas Division 1

Hanover Division 1

St. James Division 1

Trelawny Division 1

Westmoreland Division 1


No KSAFA league at this level

Parish Second Divisions

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