Sultan Ahmad Shah II Bridge

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Sungai Pahang Bridge
Jambatan Sultan Ahmad Shah II
(Jambatan Semantan)
Jambatan Sungei Pahang.JPG
Carries Motor vehicles, Pedestrians
Crosses Pahang River
Locale E8 East Coast Expressway
Official name Sultan Ahmad Shah II Bridge
(Semantan Bridge)
Maintained by MTD Prime Sdn Bhd
Design arch bridge
Total length 700 m
Width --
Longest span --
Designer Government of Malaysia
Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM)
MTD Infraperdana Sdn Bhd
Constructed by MTD Construction Sdn Bhd
Opened 2004

Sultan Ahmad Shah II Bridge or Semantan Bridge is the longest highway bridge in the East Coast Expressway network. It bridges the Pahang River in Pahang, Malaysia. This 700-metre bridge was opened when the East Coast Expressway was built. It crosses the Pahang River, the longest river in west Malaysia. At the entrance of the bridge there are 2 elephant trunks which symbolize Pahang. There also many colorful lights around this bridge. This bridge was opened by Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah on 22 April 2004. Near the bridge is the Temerloh Rest and Service Area (both bound).


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