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Two squares are on top of each other, connected to a circle that gives a crude appearance of a "J".
Also known asGoogle Jamboard
Product familyG Suite
TypeInteractive whiteboard
Release dateMay 23, 2017 (2017-05-23)
Display55" 4K (60 Hz)
InputStylus, eraser
CameraHD camera
Online servicesG Suite

Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard developed by Google, as part of the G Suite family. It was officially announced on 25 October 2016. It has a 55" 4K touchscreen display, and has compatibility for online collaboration through cross-platform support. The display can also be mounted onto a wall or be configured into a stand.


After Google Apps for Work was launched in 2006, the subscription-based service was announced to be rebranded as G Suite on 29 September 2016, alongside announcements of machine learning integration into Drive's programs, a redesign of Hangouts and the announcement of Team Drive.[1]

On 25 October, Product Manager of G Suite TJ Varghese announced Jamboard on Google's official blog.[2] The announcement trailer for the product was released the same day onto YouTube.[3] The website was also launched on the same day simultaneously, as well as a rumored version of an "Early Adopter Program" for the device.[4]


The device can be mounted on a wall, or, by default, be set up on a vertical stand with wheels.[5]


Jamboard features a 55" 4K display that supports touchscreen capabilities, has a 60 Hz refresh rate,[6] and is able to detect up to 16 touch points anywhere within.[7] It also includes Wi-Fi connectivity, an HD front-facing camera, microphone and built-in speakers.[8] The touchscreen is controlled by a dedicated stylus to control the device or draw on it, as well as an eraser.


The Jamboard also has an operating system that coincides with the G Suite ecosystem. The main controller of the Jamboard can open a "jam", a session where users can join and work on projects inside the space available. Any service compatible with G Suite can also be performed on any device connected.[9]


Jamboard was released in May 2017, and retails for £3,999 or about $5,000 with a $600 yearly support fee.[10][11]


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