Jambongan Island

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Jambongan Island
SouthernPartofSabah-Scheme-PulauJambongan 1024 px Pushpin.png
Location of Jambongan Island in Sulu Sea
Jambongan Island is located in Borneo
Jambongan Island
Jambongan Island
Coordinates6°41′0″N 117°25′0″E / 6.68333°N 117.41667°E / 6.68333; 117.41667Coordinates: 6°41′0″N 117°25′0″E / 6.68333°N 117.41667°E / 6.68333; 117.41667
State Sabah

Jambongan Island (Malay: Pulau Jambongan) is located on the northern coast of Sabah in Malaysia. It is one of the largest island in Sabah located in Teluk Paitan (Paitan Bay) in the Sandakan Division. Jambongan town is located on the south-east of the island. The highest point on the island is Buli Gantungan Hill, at a height of 156 metres.[1]

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