Jamboree Road

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Jamboree Road
LocationOrange County
FromBayside Drive in Newport Beach
SR 1 in Newport Beach
I-405 in Irvine
SR 261 in Irvine
I-5 in Irvine
ToSantiago Canyon Road (CR S18)

Jamboree Road is a major route through Orange County, California.

Route description[edit]

The southern terminus of Jamboree Road is at Bayside Drive, immediately before Balboa Island. It changes names, into Marine Ave., to make the very short journey over the water that separates Balboa from Newport Beach. The road enters Irvine after the MacArthur Blvd/Jamboree Rd intersection and continues into the Irvine urban core after the I-405 interchange. At Barranca Parkway, Jamboree Road becomes a freeway, with grade-separated intersections and limited right-of-way. As a freeway, Jamboree has three exits: Warner Avenue, Edinger Avenue, and Walnut Avenue. After splitting with SR 261, Jamboree Road intersects I-5 and bisects the Tustin Marketplace, the left side being Tustin and the right side being Irvine. It proceeds north through the foothills, crossing the Loma Ridge alongside the 261 Eastern Transportation Corridor toll road to its northern terminus in the City of Orange, at the intersection with Santiago Canyon Road (County Route S18).

Jamboree Road is heavily used by commuters who work at the Irvine Urban Core districts such as the IBC (Irvine Business Center) and the Irvine Towers.


The 1953 National Scout Jamboree of the Boy Scouts of America held its event where Newport Center and Fashion Island now sit. It was the third national jamboree, the first to be held west of the Mississippi River, and had 50,000 scouts from all 48 states and 16 foreign countries.[1] Thousands of tents were pitched in the area accessible only by a muddy two-lane trail called Palisades Road (part of which is now the southern end of Bristol Avenue). The road was soon paved, and later the name was changed to Jamboree Road in honor of the event. One attendee, David Sills, then a young Boy Scout from Peoria, Illinois, would later move to Irvine as an adult and serve four terms as mayor of the city.

The current route of Jamboree Road follows the courses of four originally unconnected roads - these were, from south to north, the original stretch of Jamboree that extended from the present-day course of Bristol Street to Pacific Coast Highway, San Joaquin Road, Myford Road, and Peters Canyon Road.


Currently, Jamboree Road terminates at Santiago Canyon Road. Plans in the future with the city of Anaheim and The Irvine Company on the "Mountain Park" neighborhood call to extend Jamboree Road to Weir Canyon Road with an at-grade intersection. In addition, the plans call for Weir Canyon Road to be extended to SR 241 and will have a toll exit and Gypsum Canyon Road would also be extended to Weir Canyon Road. The Jamboree extension would have a brief run through Irvine Regional Park and would parallel with SR 241. The route would serve as an alternate route for drivers who use California State Route 55 and Imperial Highway (via Cannon Street) in Orange, which usually are congested during peak hours, and such extension would reduce congestion along those said roads.[2] Though this plan would benefit many drivers and provide housing and jobs, it is unknown when the project will break ground and when it will be complete.

Also, along with this project, the cities of Anaheim and Yorba Linda and Caltrans call for select toll lanes on SR 241 to be able to connect with SR 91's toll lanes, which would be parallel to the proposed Weir Canyon Road toll exits and Mountain Park and would improve the congestion faced at the northern terminus on SR 241 when merging east.[3]

However in 2014, the Irvine Company ended up donating 55,000 acres of land (including portions in the city of Anaheim) to the county of Orange to be preserved as open space. This being said, the projects may have been scrapped or delayed.[4]

Major intersections[edit]

The entire route is in Orange County.

Newport BeachMarine AvenueContinuation beyond Bayside Drive
Bayside Drive
SR 1 (Pacific Coast Highway)Former US 101 Alt.
University Drive, Eastbluff DriveUniversity Drive serves UC Irvine
SR 73 / Bristol StreetInterchange; SR 73 south exit 15
MacArthur Boulevard
Irvine I-405 (San Diego Freeway)Interchange; I-405 exit 7
Main Street
Alton Parkway
Barranca Parkway
South end of freeway
Warner Avenue, Park Avenue
Edinger AvenueSouthbound exit is via Walnut Avenue
Walnut Avenue

SR 261 north – Riverside
Northbound exit and southbound entrance
North end of freeway
IrvineTustin line I-5 (Santa Ana Freeway)Interchange; I-5 exit 100
El Camino Real
TustinIrvine Boulevard
Portola Parkway (to SR 261)
OrangeSantiago Canyon Road (CR S18)
Irvine Park LaneContinuation beyond Santiago Canyon Road
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi