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Jamea Al Kauthar
Founded 1996
Headquarters Ashton Road, Lancaster
Website www.jamea.co.uk

Jamea Al Kauthar is an independent academic girls’ establishment in Lancaster, Lancashire, England, educating girls in a Muslim tradition over the age of eleven. Jamea Al Kauthar started with 60 pupils in 1996 and currently has up to 450 students. Jamea Al Kauthar adopted and converted the Royal Albert Hospital historic building in 1996 and on its conversion received the moral and financial support of various members of the House of Lords, major business and capital asset owners and entrepreneurs.[1]

Currently Jamea Al Kauthar Islamic College for girls (Previously Royal Albert Hospital).


1990s and 2000s

Jamea Al Kauthar began using the historic Royal Albert Hospital in 1996 which had undergone an extensive conversion. The teaching staff, avete (school roll of pupils) and facilities have expanded since construction. Jamea Al Kauthar started with 60 pupils in September 1996 and has a capacity of 450 pupils.


In 2013 three men were arrested following an allegation.[2] After the investigation police have said no further action will be taken as "none of the conduct disclosed ... meets the threshold for criminal prosecution".[3]

In late 2016 the school organised a one-day fundraiser to support the Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT) Pakistan Reconstruction Programme. They raised £11,180.61 for those suffering in the aftermath of the floods of the previous year.[4]


  • To teach students to acquire an in-depth understanding of Deen.
  • Developing the love for Allah and his Prophet.
  • Instilling religious and moral values, tolerance of other races and religions.
  • Producing individuals who have the capacity to think for themselves, to know their own minds but to have the flexibility to listen to others.
  • Encouraging pupils to appreciate the needs of others and be sensitive to them, to work in teams and be able to recognise right from wrong.
  • Encouraging students to respect and abide by the rule of law and be an exemplary citizen.[5]


In the 2015 academic year, Jamea Al Kauthar participated in the Young Writers Poetopia competition, which was inspired by popular dystopian fiction. From in excess of 16,500 entries from over 600 schools nationwide, the school's entry received third prize and was published in its Poetopia - Northern Voices literary publication. The achievement coincided with a winning poem by a 14-year-old at Jamea Al Kautar in one of six traditional recognised categories of the genre that year.[6] Jamea Al Kauthar GCSE results have been above the National Average, and ranged from 95-100%.

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