Jame Mosque of Yazd

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Jāmeh Mosque of Yazd
Masjed-e Jomeh, Yazd.jpg
مسجد جامع یزد
Basic information
Location Iran Yazd, Iran
Geographic coordinates 31°54′5″N 54°22′7″E / 31.90139°N 54.36861°E / 31.90139; 54.36861Coordinates: 31°54′5″N 54°22′7″E / 31.90139°N 54.36861°E / 31.90139; 54.36861
Affiliation Shia Islam
Province Yazd Province
Municipality Yazd County
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Azeri
Completed 14th century
Dome(s) 2
Minaret(s) 2
This article is about Jameh Mosque of Yazd; for similar uses, see Jameh Mosque (disambiguation).

The Jāmeh Mosque of Yazd (Persian: مسجد جامع یزد‎ – Masjid-e-Jāmeh Yazd) is the grand, congregational mosque (Jāmeh) of Yazd city, within the Yazd Province of Iran. The mosque is depicted on the obverse of the Iranian 200 rials banknote.[1]


The 12th-century mosque is still in use today. It was first built under Ala'oddoleh Garshasb of the Al-e Bouyeh dynasty. The mosque was largely rebuilt between 1324 and 1365, and is one of the outstanding 14th century buildings of Iran.


The mosque is a fine specimen of the Azari style of Persian architecture. The mosque is crowned by a pair of minarets, the highest in Iran, and the portal's facade is decorated from top to bottom in dazzling tile work, predominantly blue in colour. Within is a long arcaded courtyard where, behind a deep-set south-east iwan, is a sanctuary chamber (shabestan). This chamber, under a squat tiled dome, is exquisitely decorated with faience mosaic: its tall faience Mihrab, dated 1365, is one of the finest of its kind in existence.



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