James A. Burden II

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James A. Burden II
Born James Abercrombie Burden, Jr.
January 16, 1871
Troy, New York
Died June 1, 1932(1932-06-01) (aged 61)
Syosset, New York
Residence James A. Burden House
Occupation Industrialist
Spouse(s) Florence Adele Sloane
Children 3

James Abercrombie Burden, Jr. (January 16, 1871 in Troy, New York – June 1, 1932 in Syosset, New York) was an American industrialist from New York.

Early life and career[edit]

James Abercrombie Burden, Jr. was born on January 16, 1871 in Troy, New York. His father was James A. Burden and his mother was Mary Irvin.[1]

His paternal grandfather, Henry Burden, founded what later became known as the Burden Iron Works foundry in Troy. Burden inherited the Burden Iron Works from his uncle, William Fletcher Burden.

Marriage and children[edit]

Burden married Florence Adele Sloane, who was the eldest daughter of William D. Sloane (the head of W. & J. Sloane) and Emily Thorn Vanderbilt, a granddaughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt.[2] The couple were wed by the Reverend William Grosvenor on June 6, 1895 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Lenox, Massachusetts.[2] Their wedding gift was the James A. Burden House on Carnegie Hill in New York City, which was commissioned by his father-in-law.

Together, they had three children:

  • James Abercrombie Burden III (1897–1979)[3][4]
  • William Douglas Burden (1899–1978)
  • Florence Irvin Burden (1902–1990), who married Blake Leigh Lawrence (1898–1986)[5]

Later life[edit]

In 1931, he was injured in a fall.[6] Burden died on June 1, 1932, of an embolism as a consequence of his fall a year earlier.[7]

His widow married Richard Tobin in Paris, France on July 6, 1936. In 1938, the contents of the James A. Burden House were auctioned by Parke-Bernet.[8][9]

His granddaughter, Adele Burden Lawrence (1931–1991), married Louis Stanton Auchincloss (1917–2010) in 1957.[5]


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