James A. Gibbs

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James A. Gibbs
Born (1922-01-17)January 17, 1922
Died April 30, 2010(2010-04-30) (aged 88)
home at Cleft of the Rock Light[1]
Nationality U.S.
Occupation Historian & lighthouse keeper

James A. "Jim" Gibbs (January 17, 1922 – April 30, 2010) was a United States author, lighthouse keeper, and maritime historian.

He was one of the lighthouse keepers at Tillamook Rock Light for a year beginning in 1945.[2] In 1948 Gibbs was one of the five founders of the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society.[3] He was the editor of "Marine Digest" magazine until 1972.

He built and lived in Cleft of the Rock Light near Yachats, Oregon, "the first privately owned working lighthouse in Oregon" until his death on April 30, 2010.[1]


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