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James Gardner (born 1970) was Chief Technology Officer at the UK's Department for Work and Pensions,[1] and was previously an employee at Lloyds Banking Group where he was Head of Innovation.[2] In 2011 he joined innovation management company Spigit, where he is now Chief Technology Officer.[3]


During his time at Lloyds, Gardner wrote a candid blog about the banking industry, focusing on innovation and technology in the industry. He continued to write in a similar vein from within the public sector.[4][5] Post-humorously[clarification needed], in March 2010, he was cited as the most social media connected financial services executive in the United Kingdom, some 9 months after he had left the banking industry.[6]

In 2008 Gardner signed a deal with John Wiley and Sons to write a book on banking innovation[7] which included case studies from his former employer and other global banks. It includes detailed material on the bank's innovation prediction market, which attracted interest from the trade press[8][9]


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