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Kniphofia uvaria L.
The Illustrated Bouquet
Flora's Gems

James Andrews (1801–1876) was an English draughtsman, botanical painter and illustrator noted for his accomplished illustrations. He also taught flower-painting to young ladies. He created the illustrations for the famous nature writer Sarah Bowdich Lee's 1854 book Trees, Plants, and Flowers: Their Beauties, Uses, and Influences.

In March 1857, his painting of fruit and a bowl in watercolour received a medal from the Royal Society of Agriculture and Botany in Ghent.

In 1868, Andrews exhibited a piece called Earnest Andrews, a painting of fruit and flowers, at the Royal Academy of Art annual summer exhibition.


Images in the National Portrait Gallery's collection include those of Charles Gordon-Lennox, Duke of Richmond and Lennox, Henry Hussey Vivian, 1st Baron Swansea, and Lewis Llewelyn Dillwyn, the writer.[citation needed]


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  • 1835 - Andrew’s Lessons in Painting Flowers – 6 books, A series of Easy and Progressive studies. Written and drawn by James Andrews, Publisher Charles Tilt, Fleet Street: John Menzies, Edinburgh; Thomas Wardle, Philadelphia . One copy is held at the Royal Horticulture Society, Vincent Square, London. Another copy is held at Edinburgh University, UK
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  • 1862-71 The Floral Magazine volumes 2 – 8. This work can be found at the Herbarium Library Kew Gardens, England There are more than 400 plates of Andrews paintings in the 7 volumes. The Rev Henry Honywood Dombrain was the author of the Floral Magazine. Andrews did not contribute to volume 1.
  • 1961 Flower portraits. Eva Mannering, publisher The Ariel Press London , this work is at the Herbarium Library at Kew Gardens, England and describes Andrews contribution to botanical art.
  • 2011 Floral Paintings. Publisher Papadakis Publisher a copy is at the Herbarium Library at Kew Gardens England, it is a selection of Andrews work from the Floral Magazine.