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James Andrews is an American marketing executive and speaker on pop culture and social media.


Andrews worked as a Senior Director of Marketing at Columbia Records. He went on to hold the position of Executive Vice President of Marketing at Ecko Unlimited. Andrews created SoulPurpose.com. an online community and e-mail newsletter for the entertainment industry. He sold SoulPurpose.com to Urban Box Office (UBO) in the late 90s and joined UBO as Executive Vice President.[1]

Andrews recently held the position of Vice President/Director of the Interactive Communications Division of Ketchum, a global public relations firm.[2] During his time at Ketchum, Andrews created an industry controversy with his use of the micro-blogging platform, Twitter. The controversy was covered in multiple publications.[3][4]

Andrews has been featured in Wall Street Journal and Variety.[1] He appears on CNN as a commentator on the news and social media[5] and blogs for FastCompany.com.[6]