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James Asmus is a writer, actor and comedian known for his affiliation with such theaters as "The Annoyance"[1] and the sketch group Hey You Millionaires, and for his work writing comic books such as Quantum and Woody, Thief of Thieves and Gambit.


Asmus has written several plays for both the Annoyance Theater and The New Colony theater group in Chicago. The plays he has written include Love Is Dead (The Annoyance), Hearts Full of Blood (the New Colony) and Amelia Earhart Jungle Princes (The New Colony). Both Love is Dead and Hearts Full of Blood received remounts in the New York Fringe Fest, winning awards for Outstanding Music & Lyrics[2] and Outstanding Achievement in Playwrighting[3] respectively.

Asmus is currently most prolific as a comic book writer,[1] writing such comics as Gambit for Marvel Comics, Thief of Thieves for Image Comics, and Quantum & Woody for Valiant Entertainment.

Awards and nominations[edit]

  • 2008 Fringe NYC Outstanding Music & Lyrics - Love Is Dead: a NecRomantic Musical Comedy[4]
  • 2008 After Dark Awards' Outstanding Original Score - Love Is Dead: a NecRomantic Musical Comedy
  • 2009 Chicago Readers' Choice Best Emerging Playwright[5]
  • 2010 Fringe NYC Overall Excellence in Playwrighting - Hearts Full of Blood[6]
  • 2014 Stan Lee Excelsior Award - 2nd Place, Readers' Favorite Graphic Novel - Quantum & Woody vol. 1 - World's Worst [7]
  • 2014 Harvey Awards, 3 Nominations - Best Writer, Most Promising New Talent, and Special Award for Humor in Comics - Quantum & Woody [8]
  • 2015 Harvey Awards, 2 Nominations - Special Award for Humor in Comics - Quantum & Woody and The Delinquents [9]


Marvel Comics[edit]

  • X-Men
    • X-Men: Manifest Destiny #1, 4 (#1 Boom Boom story; #3 Nightcrawler story, 2008)
    • X-Men: Manifest Destiny - Nightcrawler #1 (with pencils by Jorge Molina and Adrian Syaf, 2008)
    • Dark X-Men: The Beginning #1 (Mimic story, pencils by Jesse Delperdang, 2009)
    • Nation X #1 (Nightcrawler & Wolverine story, art by Mike Allred, 2009)
    • X-Men vs. Vampires #1 (Husk story, art by Tom Raney, 2010)
    • Wolverine #900 (first story only, with co-writer C. B. Cebulski pencils by David Finch (comics), 2010)
    • Deadpool Team-Up #890 (pencils by Micah Gunnell, 2010)
    • X-Men: Serve and Protect #1, 4 (#1 Emma Frost story; #4 Psylocke story, 2010-2011)
    • Uncanny X-Men Annual #3 (pencils by Nicholas Bradshaw, 2011)
    • Deadpool Family #1 (Dogpool story, pencils by Darnell Johnson, 2011)
    • Astonishing X-Men #43 (pencils by David Yardin and Gabriel Hernandez Walta, 2011)
    • Generation Hope #13-17 (pencils on #13-14 by Ibraim Roberson, #15 by Tim Green III, #16-17 by Takeshi Miyazawa, 2011-2012)
    • Gambit vol.5 #1-17 (pencils by Clay Mann, 2012-2013)
  • Other Marvel
    • Runaways Vol. 3 #10 (with co-writer Christopher Yost and art by Sara Pichelli & Emma Rios, Marvel Comics, 2009)
    • Steve Rogers: Super Soldier Annual #1 (pencils by Ibraim Roberson, 2011)
    • Namor: The First Mutant Annual #1 (pencils by Max Fiumara, 2011)
    • Captain America & Bucky #625-628 (with co-plotter Ed Brubaker and art by Francesco Francavilla, 2011-2012)
    • A+X #3 (Hawkeye + Gambit story, with pencils by Billy Tan, 2012)
    • Superior Foes of Spider-Man #10, 2014
    • All-New Inhumans #1-12 (pencils by Stefano Caselli, 2015-2016)

Image Comics[edit]

Valiant Comics[edit]

IDW Publishing[edit]


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