James B. Cranfill

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James Cranfill

James Britton Cranfill (September 12, 1858 – December 28, 1942), also known as The Reverend J.B. Cranfill, was an American religious figure and prohibitionist who was nominated for Vice President of the United States by the Prohibition Party in 1892, with the ticket garnering over 270,000 votes, approximately 2% of the total vote.[1]

Cranfill was born in Whitt, in Parker County, Texas, on 12 September 1858, the son of Eaton Cranfill and Martha (née Galloway) Cranfill.

In 1892, the Prohibition National Convention was held in Cincinnati on 30 June, and the delegates nominated General John Bidwell of California for President and Cranfill for Vice President. In the election, the ticket gained some 270,813 votes, a small increase from the party's vote of 249,945 in 1888.

Cranfill died in Dallas, Texas, on 28 December 1942, at age 84.


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