James Batman

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James Batman
James Batman.jpg
Directed by Artemio Marquez
Produced by Jose O. Vera
Written by Pepito Vera-Perez
Artemio Marquez
Starring Dolphy
Boy Alano
Shirley Moreno
Bella Flores
Distributed by Vera-Perez Productions - Sampaguita Pictures
Release date
  • 1966 (1966)
Country Philippines
Language Tagalog / Filipino

James Batman is a 1966 Filipino Batman/James Bond cinematic spoof produced by Jose O. Vera and released by Sampaguita Pictures.

It stars the Philippine comedian Dolphy as Batman and James Bond and Boy Alano as "Rubin" (Robin).


An evil organization called the CLAW has threatened nuclear annihilation on the rest of the world unless all countries submit to its rule within five days. Presenting a united front, an alliance of countries tap James Bond and Batman (and Robin) to stop the threat. However, both Bond and Batman play brinkmanship with each other, and as the hour to doomsday winds down, are eventually forced to work together. Little do the protagonists know that the real enemy is closer than they think.


A scene from James Batman.
  • Dolphy ... James Hika / James Batman / Dolpho
  • Boy Alano ... Robin
  • Shirley Moreno
  • Bella Flores
  • Diane Balen
  • Elsa Boufard
  • Nori Dalisay
  • Johnny Ysmail Jr.
  • Lyn D’Arce ... (as Lynn D'Arce)
  • Jose Morelos
  • Ben Medina
  • Joy Del Sol
  • Tessa Concepcion

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