James Beaumont (Dallas)

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James Beaumont
Dallas character
Portrayed by Sasha Mitchell
Duration 1989–91
First appearance October 13, 1989
Sunset, Sunrise
Last appearance April 19, 1991
Some Leave, Some Get Carried Out
Created by David Jacobs
Occupation Ewing Oil associate

James Richard Beaumont is a fictional character that appeared in the later seasons of the popular American television series Dallas, played by Sasha Mitchell.[1]


James Beaumont was J.R. Ewing's son from his affair with Vanessa Beaumont in Vienna; he was born in 1967. James was raised in Europe with his mother and her husband who he believed to be his father until his mother told him that his true father was Texas oil baron J.R. Ewing.


James came to Dallas to seek out the father he never knew he had. James shocked everyone when he announced that he was J.R.'s son at a public family dinner with all of the Ewings present. J.R. embraced James as his son but James proved to be as manipulative as J.R. himself. James resented his father's interference in his life from controlling James' business dealings and to attempting to break up James' relationship with Michelle Stevens. Seeking revenge on J.R., James conspired with J.R.'s wife, Cally and blocked J.R.'s release from a sanitarium.

James eventually married Michelle, but he later learned that his first marriage to Debra Lynn was never dissolved. Further, Debra Lynn had his child, James Richard Beaumont, Jr. (nicknamed "Jimmy"). James decided to stay married to Debra Lynn and annulled his marriage to Michelle. However, he ended up moving back east with Debra Lynn and Jimmy to escape the control of J.R.

Dallas (2012 TV series)[edit]

James did not attend J.R.'s funeral and was not mentioned in his will.


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