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James Blakeway is a panoramic photographer and founder of Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas, Inc. He was born in Fargo, North Dakota.[citation needed]

Blakeway is known chiefly for his unconventional approaches to taking photographs, which have included suspending himself upside down from a helicopter 800 ft in the air.[1] He has no formal education in photography. He has learned from other photographers, most notedly his partner in business since 1991, Christopher Gjevre.

A chance meeting with two photographers while travelling in Australia led to Blakeway going into business creating panoramic photographs until his visa expired in 1989, at which point he sold his stake to his partners for some copies of their photos and moved back home to set up his own business, Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas.[2]

Blakeway has since become known for city skyline photography as well as sports event panoramas.[3]

360 degree interactive fan engagements, referred to as a Gigapixel, have been taken since 2006 at some level. http://blakewaygigapixel.com/ has a few hundred examples.


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