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Sir James Braithwaite Peile (1833–1906) was a British administrator during the British Raj, who served as the acting Governor of Bombay in March 1885.[1]


Peile was educated at Repton School and Oriel College, Oxford, and appointed to the Bombay civil service in 1855. He held a number of positions over the following thirty years, including municipal commissioner of Bombay, political agent in Kathiawar, and vice-chancellor of Bombay University. He was offered, but declined, the position of commissioner of Sind. After a career mostly spent in Bombay, he retired in 1887 and was appointed to the Council of India, a position he held for a further fifteen years.

Politically, he supported increased devolution of powers to the Indian provinces and a limited increase in Indian participation in the civil service.

His son, James Peile, became a clergyman, later Archdeacon of Warwick and Archdeacon of Worcester.