James Cook University School of Law

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James Cook University
School of Law
Type Public
Established 1989
Head of School Stephen Graw
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 350
Undergraduates 342
Postgraduates 5
Location Townsville and Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Campus Regional
Affiliations James Cook University
Website http://www.jcu.edu.au/law
Student and staff numbers are approximate.

The School of Law is a constituent body of James Cook University, and is the only regional law school in Queensland.

The JCU Law School offers a comprehensive course that provides entry to the legal profession. The first-year experience has four compulsory non-substantive courses and two substantive courses designed for a staggered introduction to the LLB.

First Year Experience courses[edit]

Course Description Examples
Legal Concepts Introduces students to a different substantive concept each week Criminal law, tort, contracts, fiduciaries, corporations, intellectual property, liability
Legal Institutions and Processes Provides an overview of the Australian legal and political process. Native title, sovereignty, arms of government, treaties and international law
Legal Research, Writing and Analysis Practical course providing legal skills for the degree and beyond Statutory interpretation, library and electronic research, precedent, referencing, plagiarism
Law, Society and Change Explains theoretical principles of law and civil society Legal positivism, natural law, utilitarianism, social contract theory, foundations of liberalism, feminism, Marxism, post-colonialism
Contract Law 1 Introduces students to contract law and how contracts are formed Offer and acceptance, Mutuality, legality, implied and express terms, Promissory estoppel
Contract Law 2 Provides an overview of how contracts are completed and dissolved Rescission, specific performance, mistake, misrepresentation, duress, illegality

James Cook University Law Review[edit]

The James Cook University Law Review inaugural edition was published in 1994.

It comprises original articles, case notes, book reviews and comments. Only previously unpublished material that has not been submitted for consideration by another journal will be accepted.

James Cook University Law Students Society[edit]

An elected student body, the James Cook University Law Students Society (JCULSS Website), represents students and helps organise social events such as the annual Law Ball.


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