James Creek Marina

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James Creek Marina
Name James Creek Marina
Country United States
City Washington, D.C.
Vessel Type sail, small, recreational

James Creek Marina is located at the confluence of the Anacostia River, the Washington Channel, and the Potomac River. The marina is located directly east of Fort McNair in Washington, D.C. (Southwest). It is situated between the National Defense University at Fort McNair and the headquarters of the United States Coast Guard. The marina grounds are on National Park Service land. James Creek Marina is located 95 miles (by water) from the Chesapeake Bay. There are 297 wet slips that can accommodate vessels from 16 to 160+ feet. The docks are wooden floating structures with fingerpiers. Entrance to each dock is limited to James Creek Marina guests and visitors. Coded locks guard each entrance. James Creek has a winter de-icing system in place. Pumps keep the marina water in motion so that ice does not form during the colder months. The marina has a gas station with 89-octane unleaded, diesel, two-cycle oil and a pumpout. The marina grounds have a sand volleyball court, picnic tables, grills, restrooms, and parking.

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Coordinates: 38°51′51″N 77°00′50″W / 38.8642°N 77.014°W / 38.8642; -77.014