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For the American journalist, see James Deakin.
Capt. James Deakins
Law & Order character
James Deakins-01.jpg
First appearance Season 1: "One"
Last appearance Season 5: The Good
Portrayed by Jamey Sheridan
Time on show 2001–2006
(111 episodes)
Succeeded by Danny Ross
Occupation Police captain
Title NYPD captain
Family Angie Deakins (wife)
3 daughters

Captain James Deakins is a fictional character on the NBC-USA Network[1] U.S. television series, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, played by Jamey Sheridan.

On the show, Deakins supervises New York City's Major Case Squad. His top detectives include partners Robert Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Alexandra Eames (Kathryn Erbe), as well as partners Mike Logan (Chris Noth) and Carolyn Barek (Annabella Sciorra).

Although Deakins' first priority is the success of criminal investigations, he is often forced to rein in his more unpredictable detectives, especially Goren and Logan, to manage the bad publicity they occasionally attract. While this has created some friction between Deakins and his detectives, for the most part they respect his professional judgment and authority.

Deakins and his wife, Angie, have three daughters. He had a bout with Bell's palsy at the end of Season 4. While in recovery, he took to wearing an eye patch over his affected eye. He is now more reliant on eyeglasses. (Sheridan actually had Bell's palsy himself when those episodes were filmed.)

Deakins quit his post at the end of Season 5 rather than battle a conspiracy to frame him instigated by former police officer Frank Adair (Michael Rispoli), whom Major Case detectives had arrested for killing his girlfriend and her husband.[2] The trouble began when Logan was forced to shoot a man in self-defense.[3] Later, Logan learned that the man he shot was an undercover cop. A uniformed policeman, Officer Martinez, had been the first to arrive on the scene and backed up Logan's self-defense claim, but Adair planted an e-mail implicating Deakins in a false corruption charge. Adair's plan was to claim that Deakins had 'bought' Martinez's testimony for Logan. Then, Goren and Eames uncovered the forged e-mail,[4] but Adair continued fighting Deakins.

Unwilling to subject the NYPD, and his MCS department in particular, to further embarrassment, Deakins decided to retire from service.[5] He was replaced by Capt. Danny Ross (Eric Bogosian), who joined the cast in the Season 6 premiere episode.

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