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James Desborough
James Desborough.jpeg
James Desborough
Other namesGrim
OccupationGame designer, author, blogger

James "Grim" Desborough is a British game designer, author and blogger who has worked primarily on role-playing games, as well as card games, board games and social computer games.


James Desborough wrote The Munchkin's Guide to Powergaming in 2000/2001,[1] winning an Origins Award for that work along with his co-author Steve Mortimer.[2] Desborough was the co-author of CS1: Cannibal Sector One and for a short time he was the SLA Industries line editor.[3] Desborough is also the owner of Postmortem Studios.[3] Due to Desborough's connections with Angus Abranson, Postmortem Studios was one of Cubicle 7's early partnerships.[3] He later became creative director at Chronicle City, Abranson's new venture.[4]

In 2014 he secured the license for John Norman's Gor series and in 2017 released a role-playing game based on those works, notable for its art by noted fetish artist Michael Manning.[5]

Desborough's work was included in Red Phone Box,[6] and in The Mammoth Book of Erotic Romance and Domination.[7] He also self-publishes.

His D&D design work includes Monster Manual V (2007) and City of Stormreach (2008).


Desborough has been quoted or used as a pundit on men's issues in various places, including The Stream on Al Jazeera.[8] Some of Desborough's work has been criticised for being "hateful, violent and misogynistic", leading critics to petition game companies to drop his work.[9][10]


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