James Dunn (theologian)

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James Dunn
James Douglas Grant Dunn

(1939-10-21)21 October 1939
Birmingham, England
Died26 June 2020(2020-06-26) (aged 80)
Other namesJimmy Dunn
Known forNew Perspective on Paul
Academic background
Alma mater
ThesisThe Baptism in the Holy Spirit[1] (1968)
Doctoral advisorC. F. D. Moule[2]
InfluencesE. P. Sanders[3]
Academic work
DisciplineBiblical studies
Sub-disciplineNew Testament studies
InstitutionsUniversity of Durham
Doctoral students
Notable worksThe New Perspective on Paul (2007)

James Douglas Grant Dunn FBA (21 October 1939 – 26 June 2020),[7] also known as Jimmy Dunn, was a British New Testament scholar, who was for many years the Lightfoot Professor of Divinity in the Department of Theology at the University of Durham. He is best known for his work on the New Perspective on Paul, which is also the title of a book he published in 2007.

He worked broadly within the Methodist tradition and was a member of the Church of Scotland and the Methodist Church of Great Britain during his life.


Dunn was born on 21 October 1939[8] in Birmingham, England.

He had the following degrees:

Dunn was licensed as a minister of the Church of Scotland in 1964.[9] He was chaplain to overseas students at Edinburgh University in 1968–70.[9]

In 1970, Dunn became a lecturer in divinity at the University of Nottingham,[9] and was promoted to reader in 1979.[9] Whilst at Nottingham, he served as a Methodist local preacher.[9]

He became Professor of Divinity at Durham University in 1982,[9] and in 1990 became Lightfoot Professor of Divinity at Durham.[10][11] He retired in 2003,[10] and was succeeded as Lightfoot Professor of Divinity by John M. G. Barclay.[12]

For 2002, Dunn was the President of the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, an international body for New Testament study. Only three other British scholars had been made President of the body in the preceding 25 years. In 2006 he became a Fellow of the British Academy.[13]

In 2005 a Festschrift was published dedicated to Dunn, comprising articles by 27 New Testament scholars, examining early Christian communities and their beliefs about the Holy Spirit in Christianity.[14] In 2009 another Festschrift was dedicated to Dunn for his 70th birthday, consisting of two forewords by N. T. Wright and Richard B. Hays and 17 articles all written by his former students who went on to have successful careers in either academic and ministerial fields around the world.[15]

Dunn was especially associated with the New Perspective on Paul, along with N. T. Wright and E. P. Sanders.[16]

Dunn took up Sanders' project of redefining Palestinian Judaism in order to correct the Christian view of Judaism as a religion of works-righteousness. In his Parting of the Ways, Dunn highlighted four pillars of first-century Judaism as monotheism, election and land, Torah and Temple. One of the most important differences to Sanders is that Dunn perceives a fundamental coherence and consistency to Paul's thought. He furthermore criticizes Sanders' understanding of the term justification, arguing that Sanders' understanding suffers from an "individualizing exegesis".


Dunn wrote or edited numerous books and papers, including:


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Journal articles[edit]

  • ——— (July 1979). "'They believed Philip preaching' (Acts 8:12): a Reply". Irish Biblical Studies. 1 (3): 177–183.
  • ——— (January 1981). "Demythologizing the Ascension - A Reply to Professor Gooding". Irish Biblical Studies. 3 (1): 15–27.


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