James Ewing Ritchie

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James Ewing Ritchie
Born May 1, 1820
Wrentham, Suffolk
Died 1898
Nationality English
Other names Christopher Crayon
Occupation Writer

James Ewing Ritchie (May 1, 1820 – 1898) was an English journalist and writer.[1]

Born in Wrentham, Suffolk, the son of Reverend Andrew Ritchie, he was educated at University College, London.[2] He became an author of travel books and political biographies.[3] Seven of his books were about nineteenth-century London.[4]


  • Northern antiquities (1847)
  • Freehold land societies; their history, present position, and claims (1853)
  • The new Sunday liquor law vindicated (1855)
  • The public-house trade as it is: or An epitome of the evidence taken before a committee of the house of commons in the parliamentary sessions of 1853-4 (1855)
  • Ratcliffe-Highway (1857)
  • The London pulpit[5] (1858)
  • The night side of London[5] (1858)
  • Here and there in London[5] (1859)
  • About London[5] (1860)
  • Modern statesmen, or sketches from the strangers' gallery of the house of commons[5] (1861)
  • The life of Richard Cobden: a biography (1865)
  • The life and times of viscount Palmerston (1866)
  • British senators: or, political sketches, past and present[5] (1869)
  • The religious life of London (1870)
  • The life and discoveries of David Livingstone (1876)
  • On the track of the pilgrim fathers; or: holidays in Holland (1876)
  • The cruise of the Elena; or, yachting in the Hebrides[5] (1877)
  • The life and discoveries of David Livingstone L.L.D., F.R.G.S. (1877)
  • Christopher Crayon's Christmas stories (1881)
  • Imperialism in South Africa[5] (1881)
  • Famous city men (1884)
  • To Canada with emigrants: a record of actual experiences[5] (1885)
  • The life of the Right Hon. William Ewart Gladstone (1886)
  • Pictures of Canadian life: a record of actual experiences (1886)
  • The spring at Bournemouth (1886)
  • Hydropathy and health: or, sketches of hydropathic establishments (1888)
  • Our Premiers. From Walpole to Salisbury (1888)
  • An Australian ramble, or, a summer in Australia[5] (1890)
  • Brighter South Africa: or life at the Cape and Natal[5] (1892)
  • East Anglia: personal recollections and historical associations[5] (1893)
  • Some of our east coast towns (1893)
  • Crying for the light or fifty years ago (1896)
  • The Cities of the Dawn: Naples - Athens - Pompeii - Constantinople (1897)
  • Christopher Crayon's recollections (1898)
  • The real Gladstone: an anecdotal biography[5] (1898)


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