James F. Linzey

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James F. Linzey
James F. Linzey.jpg
Linzey, September 21, 2014
Born (1958-09-26) September 26, 1958 (age 62)
OccupationProfessor, theologian
Years active1985–present
Notable work
Modern English Version, New Tyndale Version New Testament, King James Version (2016 English Update), The Leadership Bible: The Seven Principles of Leadership
Theological work
Tradition or movementEvangelical
Main interestsBiblical Theology, Bible Translation, Leadership

James F. Linzey, M.Div. (born September 26, 1958)[1] is an ordained minister in the Southern Baptist Convention and the author of numerous Bibles and books. The chief editor and executive director of the Modern English Version Bible,[2] and the general editor of the New Tyndale Version, he is on the faculty at St. Elias Seminary and Graduate School, located in Hamilton, Virginia.[3]

His degrees include a B.A. from Southern California College and an M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary; also, he attended the Billy Graham School of Evangelism in Asheville, North Carolina.[4]


A prolific Bible translator and writer, Linzey authored and edited numerous Bibles and books:

  • Modern English Version (MEV) Bible (author/chief editor), 2014. Passio.
  • "Acts of the Apostles:" Modern English Version (translated with Michael Pacella, III), 2014. Passio.
  • New Tyndale Version New Testament (general editor and chairman, translation committee), 2013. Military Bible Association.
  • The Leadership Bible: The Seven Principles of Leadership (chairman, editorial committee), 2013. Military Bible Association.
  • Baptism in the Spirit (co-ed. with Verna Linzey), 2012. Military Bible Association. ISBN 978-1-936857-07-4
  • The Holy Spirit, 2003. Xulon Press. ISBN 1-59467-055-2
  • A Divine Appointment in Washington, D.C., 1999. Huntington House Publishers. ISBN 978-1-56384-169-9
  • "The Ten Commandments As the Root of American Culture:" Why the Conservative Mind Matters, 2009. Higher Standard Publishers. ISBN 978-0-615-23230-0


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