James F. Linzey

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James F. Linzey
James F. Linzey.jpg
James F. Linzey, September 21, 2014
Born1958 (age 60–61)
ResidenceEscondido, California
OccupationProfessor, theologian
Years active1985–present
Notable work
Modern English Version, New Tyndale Version New Testament, King James Version (2016 English Update), The Leadership Bible: The Seven Principles of Leadership
Theological work
Tradition or movementEvangelical
Main interestsBiblical Theology, Bible Translation, Leadership

James F. Linzey, M.Div. (born September 26, 1958)[1] is an ordained minister in the Southern Baptist Convention and the author of numerous Bibles and books. The chief editor and executive director of the Modern English Version Bible,[2] and the general editor of the New Tyndale Version, he is on the faculty at St. Elias Seminary and Graduate School, located in Hamilton, Virginia.[3]

His degrees include a B.A. from Southern California College and an M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary; also, he attended the Billy Graham School of Evangelism in Asheville, North Carolina.[4]


A prolific Bible translator and writer, Linzey authored and edited numerous Bibles and books:

  • Modern English Version (MEV) Bible (author/chief editor), 2014. Passio.
  • "Acts of the Apostles:" Modern English Version (translated with Michael Pacella, III), 2014. Passio.
  • New Tyndale Version New Testament (general editor and chairman, translation committee), 2013. Military Bible Association.
  • The Leadership Bible: The Seven Principles of Leadership (chairman, editorial committee), 2013. Military Bible Association.
  • Baptism in the Spirit (co-ed. with Verna Linzey), 2012. Military Bible Association. ISBN 978-1-936857-07-4
  • The Holy Spirit, 2003. Xulon Press. ISBN 1-59467-055-2
  • A Divine Appointment in Washington, D.C., 1999. Huntington House Publishers. ISBN 978-1-56384-169-9
  • "The Ten Commandments As the Root of American Culture:" Why the Conservative Mind Matters, 2009. Higher Standard Publishers. ISBN 978-0-615-23230-0


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