James FitzGerald, 6th Earl of Desmond

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James FitzGerald
Died 1463
Resting place Youghal
Title Earl of Desmond
Tenure 1418-1463
Nationality Hiberno-Norman
Predecessor Thomas FitzJohn FitzGerald
Successor Thomas FitzJames FitzGerald
Spouse(s) Mary de Burgh
Issue Thomas FitzJames FitzGerald
Gerald FitzGerald
Honor FitzGerald
Joan FitzGerald
Parents Gerald FitzGerald
Eleanor Butler
Norman Ireland, showing the Earldom of Desmond in the southwest

James FitzGerald, 6th Earl of Desmond (died 1463),[1][2] called 'the Usurper', was the youngest son of Gerald FitzGerald, 3rd Earl of Desmond, and Lady Eleanor, daughter of James Butler, 2nd Earl of Ormond. The younger brother of John FitzGerald, 4th Earl of Desmond, James was uncle to the 4th Earl's only son Thomas FitzGerald, 5th Earl of Desmond, whom he was able to deprive of his earldom and dispossess in 1418 for marrying far below his station.

Although not acknowledged until 1422, he was in 1420 made Seneschal of Imokilly, Inchiquin, and the town of Youghal, by James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormond. In 1423 he was made Constable of Limerick for life. In 1445 he was excused attendance at Parliament.

Along with his son-in-law Thomas FitzGerald, 7th Earl of Kildare, James was a prominent Irish supporter of the House of York.

He was also godfather to George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence.

Dying in 1462 or 1463, Desmond is buried in Youghal.


Marriage and issue[edit]

James married Mary, daughter of William de Burgh, and they had issue two sons:

  1. Thomas FitzGerald, 7th Earl of Desmond
  2. Sir Gerald Mor FitzGerald, ancestor of the FitzGerald Lords of Decies of County Waterford

and two daughters:

  1. Honor, married Thomas FitzPatrick, Lord of Kerry
  2. Joan, married Thomas FitzGerald, 7th Earl of Kildare


  1. ^ In earlier works commonly called the 7th Earl of Desmond.
  2. ^ FitzGerald of Desmond


Peerage of Ireland
Preceded by
Thomas FitzGerald
Earl of Desmond
1st creation
Succeeded by
Thomas FitzJames