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James Harcourt in Kate Plus Ten (1938)

James Harcourt (born 20 April 1873 in Headingley, Leeds) was an English character actor.[1][2]

He started work as a cabinet maker, and drifted into amateur dramatics. He appeared as a stage actor first in 1903 and worked with the Liverpool Repertory Company from 1919 to 1931, and was with the Old Vic in the mid 1940s.[3][4]

In 1947, Harcourt appeared in the original West End production of the popular musical Bless the Bride, directed by Wendy Toye.[5][6]

He was married to the actress Isadora Keith, and was the father of camera operator and cinematographer David Harcourt.[7]

He died in Eton, Buckinghamshire on 18 February 1951 aged 77.[8]

Selected filmography[edit]


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