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James Havoc is the pen-name of James Williamson, a British extreme writer of esoteric horror and erotica from Plymouth.[1] Moving to Brighton in later life, he made friends with Alan McGee of Creation Records and became chief editor of Creation Books, Creation Records' book division.[2] McGee has commented on Williamson/Havoc in his autobiography, Creation Stories (2013):

Belinda was a mate of James Williamson, a friend of mine and Bobby's who lived in Brighton. James is an entirely diabolical human being, but we had great fun with him at the time.[3]

Williamson / Havoc also lead his own musical group, The Church of Raism, with a Gothic diva Rose McDowall. The Church of Raism released an album on Creation, and a track on a compilation American Pensioners On Ecstasy.


  • Raism (1989)
  • Raism: The Songs of Gilles De Rais: Meathook Seed Pt. 1, by James Havoc and Mike Philbin, artist (1992)
  • Satanskin (1992)
  • White Skull: Adventures of Captain Misson (1996)
  • Butchershop in the Sky: Premature Ejaculations, 1989-99, James Havoc and Mike Philbin, art (1999)
  • Ultra-gash Inferno: Erotic-grotesque Manga by Suehiro Maruo, James Havoc, and Takako Hiroishi (2001)
  • The 120 Days of Sodom by Marquis de Sade, James Havoc, translation (2008)
  • Teenage Timberwolves: Lust For Lightning, James Havoc and Daniele Serra, art (2009)
  • Songs Of The Black Wurm Gism: The Starry Wisdom Part 2, James Havoc, contributions (2009)


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