James I, Count of Urgell

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James I
Coat of arms of Urgell
Count of Urgell
PredecessorTeresa d'Entença
SuccessorPeter II, Count of Urgell
Died15 November 1347
SpouseCecilia de Comminges
IssuePeter II, Count of Urgell
FatherAlfonso IV of Aragon
MotherTeresa d'Entença
ReligionCatholic Church

James I (1321 – 15 November 1347), the eighteenth Count of Urgell, was the fourth son of Alfonso IV King of Aragon and Teresa d'Entença & Cabrera, 17th Countess of Urgell.


James was born in Zaragoza in 1321. His older brother, Peter, inherited the Kingdom of Aragon. James inherited his mother's title.

He married Cecilia de Comminges (1321–1381), the daughter of Bernard VIII, Count of Comminges and Viscount of Turenne, in 1336 in Catalonia. They had two children, Pedro 19th Conde of Urgel and Isabel.

James is believed to have been poisoned by his brother Peter in Barcelona.


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Preceded by Count of Urgell
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