James Irvine (educator)

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Irvine Hall at Ohio University, named for James Irvine

James Irvine (1793–1835) was an educator and Presbyterian minister who served as the second president of Ohio University, located in Athens, Ohio, from 1822 to 1824.

Irvine, a native of Washington County, New York, graduated from Union College, and was hired as a professor of mathematics at Ohio University in 1821. He became president of the university in 1822, but served only a year before taking a leave of absence on account of poor health. Irvine never returned from his leave and resigned in 1824. He was pastor at West Hebron, New York, 1824-31, and of the Second Presbyterian Church of New York City, 1831-35. He died in New York City, November 25, 1835.

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