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The James Joyce Pub Award.

The James Joyce Pub Award was presented by "Bloomsday Publications" to a number of pubs in Ireland and the United States deemed as 'Authentic' Irish pubs on Bloomsday in the year 2000. As commemoration of the award, a plaque featuring a bust of James Joyce and an excerpt from Ulysses (novel) was presented to the award winners.

Award Winners[edit]

Partial List of Award Winners

In no particular order:

Pub Name Location Comments
1 Sean's Bar Athlone, Ireland Oldest Pub In Ireland
2 The Brazen Head Dublin, Ireland Second Oldest Pub In Ireland
3 Johnny Fox's Glencullen, Ireland
4 O'Neills Dublin, Ireland
5 Celtic Crossings Chicago, United States
6 Natterjacks Castlegregory, Ireland
7 Mallard Bar Carrick-on-Shannon, Ireland Inside the Landmark Hotel
8 The Spaniard Inn Kinsale, Ireland
9 Hannigan's Bar Killarney, Ireland
10 Orpens Bar Waterford, Ireland
11 An Droichead Beag (The Small Bridge) Dingle, Ireland
12 Nancy's Ardara, Ireland
13 The Temple Bar Dublin, Ireland
14 The Glyde Inn Dunleer, Ireland
15 Meehan's Irish Pub St Augustine, Florida

There are many other winners both in Ireland and the United States that are not captured in the above table.

Award Text[edit]

     ‘A good puzzle would be to cross Dublin
        without passing a pub’. Ulysses 
    James Joyce identified and described the
   characteristic ambience of the Dublin pub
 so successfully that the characters in Ulysses
   may be fictional, but they are based on a
   multitude of living beings, characters who
    Joyce found in pubs just like this one.
   This establishment remains an outstanding
       example of the tradition which
    Joyce immortalised in his works and is
     an authentic Irish pub which retains
        a genuineness of atmosphere,
              friendliness and
          presence of good company.
           James Joyce (Signature)

Controversy & False Advertisement[edit]

Since the awards were distributed in 2000, surplus awards that were manufactured but not awarded to a specific establishment, commonly appear on the secondary market from various pub equipment suppliers. As such, the presence of a genuine plaque does not guarantee that the award was bestowed on the specific establishment. In some cases, establishments which were not yet open when the original awards were dispersed, have been known to display the award as if they had been an original recipient.

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